Game Genie Codes

Titus the Fox – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Titus the Fox on Nintendo Game Boy.

  1. 013-D0A-F7E
    Start your 1st life with 1 energy unit
  2. 093-D0A-F7E
    Start your 1st life with 9 energy units
  3. 011-CFD-F7E
    Start with 1 energy unit after your 1st life
  4. 091-CFD-F7E
    Start with 9 energy units after your 1st life
  5. 013-D5A-E66
    Start with 1 life
  6. 063-D5A-E66
    Start with 6 lives
  7. 093-D5A-E66
    Start with 9 lives
  8. 009-6A9-3BE
    Infinite lives
  9. 00E-7D9-3BE
    Infinite energy until Level 3
  10. 002-739-3BE
    Infinite energy from Level 3 on
  11. 643-DCA-E6A
    Start Level 1 with a 100 point bonus
  12. FA3-DCA-E6A
    Start Level 1 with a 250 point bonus
  13. 003-BAF-5D4
    Start on Level 1: Part 2

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