Atmosphere / EdiZon / SXOS Cheat Codes

ActRaiser Renaissance - Atmosphere / EdiZon / SXOS Cheat Codes

The following are known Atmosphere / EdiZon / SXOS Cheat Codes for ActRaiser Renaissance on Nintendo Switch (Switch).

Title ID: 010049E013134000
Build ID: 5b6eaeadb201d745

[-1 Damage recieved]
080E0000 021BEE00 36000054 394AA014
080E0000 021BEE08 AA0103F4 B900183F
080E0000 021BEE10 D503201F D65F03C0
040E0000 01F444A8 9409EA56

[1p to enemies invincible off]
04000000 01FD9EF0 D10383FF

[1p to enemies invincible on]
04000000 01FD9EF0 D65F03C0

[Angel Invincible]
040E0000 01E1E9BC 2A1F03F4

[Angel Zero SP Expend]
040E0000 01E1EF74 2A1F03F3

[Attack Up 500%]
080E0000 021BEE18 37000093 394AA013
080E0000 021BEE20 0B130A73 B9401A93
080E0000 021BEE28 AA0003F3 B9001A93
080E0000 021BEE30 D503201F D65F03C0
040E0000 01F444AC 9409EA5B

[Created by Eiffel2018]

[don't turn on hits]
04000000 01F116F0 D65F03C0

[Legendary Chronicle does not decrease]
040E0000 01ECB9E0 2A1F03E1

[moom jump B pad]
04000000 01FD8050 1E2E1008
04000000 01FD8050 1E2E1009

[No materials needed for Fort]
040E0000 0144ACD0 52800035

[Reduce Cool Time for Miracle]
080E0000 021BEE40 D503201F 52A82014
080E0000 021BEE48 D65F03C0 B9002114
040E0000 01EAA428 940C5286

[speed run 1.25x]
04000000 01F44338 1E2E9000

[speed run 1.5x]
04000000 01F44338 1E2F1000

[speed run 1.75]
04000000 01F44338 1E2F9000

[speed run normal]
04000000 01F44338 1E2E1000
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