Atmosphere / EdiZon / SXOS Cheat Codes

DEADCRAFT - Atmosphere / EdiZon / SXOS Cheat Codes

The following are known Atmosphere / EdiZon / SXOS Cheat Codes for DEADCRAFT on Nintendo Switch (Switch).

Title ID: 010088F01599C000
Build ID: dacd97a329b3c1ad

[01# Inf HP]
040A0000 0448DFC0 B940CA63
040A0000 0448DFC4 7100047F
040A0000 0448DFC8 54000041
040A0000 0448DFCC BD410260
040A0000 0448DFD0 BD00FA60
040A0000 0448DFD4 D65F03C0
040A0000 008E6410 94EE9EEC

[02# Inf Food]
040A0000 0448DFD8 B9447E68
040A0000 0448DFDC B9047A68
040A0000 0448DFE0 17139E8D
040A0000 00975A10 14EC6172

[03# Inf Water]
040A0000 0448DFE4 B9449268
040A0000 0448DFE8 B9048E68
040A0000 0448DFEC 17139F0E
040A0000 00975C20 14EC60F1

[04# Inf Energy]
040A0000 0448DFF0 B9446A68
040A0000 0448DFF4 B9046668
040A0000 0448DFF8 1713949F
040A0000 00973270 14EC6B60

[05# Max Items]
040A0000 00C26194 52800C68
040A0000 00C261A4 52800C68

[06# Inf Zombie energie (Press L)]
040A0000 0097716C B9049A68
040A0000 000001B4 B9449E68
040A0000 000001B8 B9049A68
040A0000 000001BC 1425DBED
040A0000 0097716C 17DA2412

[07# Max Money When Opening Menu]
040A0000 00BE2C34 0098967F
040A0000 00BE2C0C 18000140

[08# No Wanted Level]
040A0000 00C38974 52800028
040A0000 00C38978 B9000408
040A0000 00C3897C 17FFFFD0
040A0000 00C388B8 1400002F
040A0000 00C38E54 52800008
040A0000 00C38E58 B9000008
040A0000 00C38E5C 17FFFEA1
040A0000 00C388DC 1400015E

[09# Max SP When Opening Menu]
040A0000 00C08DF8 05F5E0FF
040A0000 00C08D80 180003C9

[Inf Energy (off)]
040A0000 00973270 B9046668

[Inf Food (off)]
040A0000 00975A10 B9047A68

[Inf HP (off)]
040A0000 008E6410 BD00FA60

[Inf Water (off)]
040A0000 00975C20 B9048E68

[Inf Zombie energie (off)]
040A0000 0097716C B9049A68

[Max Items (off)]
040A0000 00C26194 0B010108
040A0000 00C261A4 4B010108

[Max Money (off)]
040A0000 00BE2C0C B9400100

[Max Sp (off)]
040A0000 00C08D80 1A8AB3E9

[No Wanted Level (off)]
040A0000 00C388B8 B9000408
040A0000 00C388DC B9000008
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