Atmosphere / EdiZon / SXOS Cheat Codes

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Atmosphere / EdiZon / SXOS Cheat Codes

The following are known Atmosphere / EdiZon / SXOS Cheat Codes for Disney Dreamlight Valley on Nintendo Switch (Switch).

Title ID: 0100D39012C1A000
Build ID: 140186d6dda777cd

[#01. Inf. Energy]
040E0000 01FC16AC 6B1F02A8

[#02. Get 50 Items When Use or Pickup]
080E0000 03EEBCC0 B9001C01 52800641
040E0000 03EEBCC8 D65F03C0

[#03. XP Multiplier]
040E0000 01FB59A8 0B184101

[#04. Currency Multiplier]
040E0000 01FB7A9C 0B144002

[#05. Friendship Multiplier]
040E0000 01B5D008 0B154139

[#06. Easy Unlock Dreamlight]
080E0000 037277E4 72A0BEA8 529C1FE8

[#07. Instant Crop Growth]
080E0000 05CAAFF8 D65F03C0 AA1603E0
080E0000 05CAAFF0 2A1F03E4 B9002004
080E0000 05CAAFE8 F2965004 D2A1DCC4
080E0000 05CAAFE0 B900181F F9402C20
040E0000 03A65A84 94891557

[Restore Code (Use after unchecking any cheats below)]
040E0000 01FC16AC 6B1902A8
080E0000 03EEBCC0 D65F03C0 B9001C01
040E0000 03EEBCC8 D503201F
040E0000 01FB59A8 0B180101
040E0000 01FB7A9C 0B140002
040E0000 01B5D008 0B150139
080E0000 037277E4 0B080128 B9401AA9
040E0000 03A65A84 AA1603E0
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