Atmosphere / EdiZon / SXOS Cheat Codes

Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line - Atmosphere / EdiZon / SXOS Cheat Codes

The following are known Atmosphere / EdiZon / SXOS Cheat Codes for Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line on Nintendo Switch (Switch).

Title ID: 010062200EFB4000
Build ID: 10423bbc86d3bfde

[Erik Agility MAX]
04100000 03EAE728 000003E7

[Erik Attack MAX]
04100000 03EAE758 000003E7

[Erik Defence MAX]
04100000 03EAE764 000003E7

[Erik HP]
04100000 03EAE6F8 000003E7

[Erik Max. HP]
04100000 03EAE740 000003E7

[Erik Max. MP]
04100000 03EAE74C 000003E7

[Erik MP]
04100000 03EAE704 000003E7

[Erik Protection MAX]
04100000 03EAE734 000003E7

[Erik Strength MAX]
04100000 03EAE71C 000003E7

[Gain 1k Exp]
02100000 9582E884 000003E8

[Gain 5k Gold]
02100000 9582E880 00001388

04100000 03EAE7F0 000F423F

[Gwen Agility MAX]
04100000 03EAE72C 000003E7

[Gwen Attack MAX]
04100000 03EAE75C 000003E7

[Gwen Defence MAX]
04100000 03EAE768 000003E7

[Gwen HP]
04100000 03EAE6FC 000003E7

[Gwen Max. HP]
04100000 03EAE744 000003E7

[Gwen Max. MP]
04100000 03EAE750 000003E7

[Gwen MP]
04100000 03EAE708 000003E7

[Gwen Protection MAX]
04100000 03EAE738 000003E7

[Gwen Strength MAX]
04100000 03EAE720 000003E7

[Hero Agility MAX]
04100000 03EAE724 000003E7

[Hero Attack MAX]
04100000 03EAE754 000003E7

[Hero Defence MAX]
04100000 03EAE760 000003E7

[Hero HP]
04100000 03EAE6F4 000003E7

[Hero Max. HP]
04100000 03EAE73C 000003E7

[Hero Max. MP]
04100000 03EAE748 000003E7

[Hero MP]
04100000 03EAE700 000003E7

[Hero Protection MAX]
04100000 03EAE730 000003E7

[Hero Strength MAX]
04100000 03EAE718 000003E7
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