CodeBreaker / GameShark Codes [US]

Army Men: World War - CodeBreaker / GameShark Codes [US]

The following are known CodeBreaker / GameShark Codes for Army Men: World War on Sony Playstation (PS1).

The codes should work with the region specified but may work for other regions as well.

Device Compatibility: Action Replay, CodeBreaker & GameShark

  1. Infinite Health
    800FEB7C 0310
  2. Have Grenades & Infinite Ammo
    300F8999 0005
  3. Have Mortar & Infinite Shells
    300F899A 000A
  4. Have Bazooka & Infinite Shells
    300F899B 000A
  5. Have Flame Thrower & Infinite Fuel
    300F899C 0064
  6. Have Auto Rifle & Infinite Rounds
    300F899D 00FA
  7. Have Explosives & Infinite Ammo
    300F899E 0005
  8. Have Infinite Med Packs
    300F89A0 0003
  9. Have Mine Detector
    300F89A1 00FF
  10. All Levels Unlocked
    800F7AD8 0002
    800F7ADC 0006
    D0156410 FF74
    800F87C4 F52C
    Note: When using this code you will go to the Options Menu and select Audio. However, instead of getting the Audio Menu you will get the Level Select Menu.
  11. Infinite Time
    D00586D0 D5C0
    800586D2 2400
  12. Infinite Armor – PT Boat
    800FECA0 17F0
  13. Infinite Armor – Jeep
    800FF808 14B0
  14. Infinite Armor – Tank
    800FFA50 EAD0
  15. Infinite Armor – Train
    80100C90 1FF0
  16. Infinite Ammo/Supplies-All Weapons & Items
    300F8999 00FF
    800F899A FFFF
    800F899C FFFF
    300F899E 00FF
    800F89A0 FFFF
    800A0194 0003
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