Action Replay Codes [EU]

Batman and Robin - Action Replay Codes [EU]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for Batman and Robin on Sony Playstation (PS1).

The codes should work with the region specified but may work for other regions as well.

Device Compatibility: Action Replay, CodeBreaker & GameShark

Robin Infinite Health
800CF5C6 0064
8009AB78 0000
8009AB7A 0000

Batgirl Infinite Health Batcycle
801E312E 00FA
800D0710 00FA

Batgirl Infinite Bat Laser
300CF587 0063

Batgirl Maximum Speed
300CF560 0096

Batman Infinite Vine Slicing Weapons
300CF51D 0063

Batgirl Have All Weapons
800CF568 FFFF

Batgirl Infinite Cell Power
800CF564 0168

Robin Have All Weapons

Robin Infinite Turbo Jet Lift Jet Boots
300CF5E6 0063

Batgirl Infinite Bat Bombs
300CF578 0063

Robin Infinite Battle Blade Blaster
300CF5E5 0063

Infinite Batteries
300D2911 00FF

Batgirl Have All Tools
800CF56A 0F0F

Infinite Small Jewel
300D291B 00FF

Batgirl Infinite Tear Gas Bombs
300CF57A 0063

Batgirl Infinite Vine Slicing Weapons
300CF57D 0063

Batman Infinite Health
800CF506 0064
8009AB78 0000
8009AB7A 0000

Batman Maximum Agility
300CF501 0096

Batgirl Infinite Stamina
300CF55C 0096

Batman Infinite Polar Assault Missiles
300CF51C 0063

Robin Infinite Vine Slicing Weapons
300CF5DD 0063

Batgirl Infinite Arial Attack Missiles
300CF57B 0063

Batman Infinite Cameras
300CF52B 0063

Infinite Coins
300D2912 00FF

Robin Infinite Heaters
300CF5DF 0063

Robin Infinite Throwing Birds
300CF5E2 0063

Batman Infinite Battle Blade Blaster
300CF525 0063

Robin Have All Tools
800CF5CA 0F0F

Robin Infinite Arial Attack Missiles
300CF5DB 0063

Batgirl Infinite Heaters
300CF57F 0063

Batman Maximum Speed
300CF500 0096

Batman Infinite Cell Power
800CF504 0168

Batman Have All Tools
800CF50A 0F0F

Batman Infinite Staff Launcher
300CF523 0063

Batman Infinite Throwing Birds
300CF522 0063

Robin Infinite Polar Assault Missiles
300CF5DC 0063

Robin Infinite Boost
800CF5C2 0006

Robin Infinite Bat Laser
300CF5E7 0063

Batgirl Infinite Staff Launcher
300CF583 0063

Robin Infinite Health RedBird
801E312E 00FA
800D0710 00FA

Batgirl Infinite Health
800CF566 0064
8009AB78 0000
8009AB7A 0000

Batman Infinite Tear Gas Bombs
300CF51A 0063

Batgirl Infinite Batnet Gun
300CF584 0063

Batgirl Infinite Turbo Jet Lift Jet Boots
300CF586 0063

Batgirl Infinite Throwing Birds
300CF582 0063

Batgirl Maximum Strength
300CF55F 0096

Batman Infinite Magnesium Bombs
300CF519 0063

Batgirl Infinite Batarangs
300CF580 0063

Batman All Inventory
50000A02 0000
800CF518 6363

Batman Infinite Stamina
300CF4FC 0096

Batgirl Maximum Agility
300CF561 0096

Batman Infinite Arial Attack Missiles
300CF51B 0063

Robin All Inventory Items
50000A02 0000
800CF5D8 6363

Batgirl Infinite Battle Blade Blaster
300CF585 0063

Robin Maximum Agility
300CF5C1 0096

Batgirl Infinite Boost
800CF562 0006

Batman Infinite Batarangs
300CF520 0063

Robin Infinite Bat Taser
300CF5E1 0063

Batman Infinite Heaters
300CF51F 0063

Batman Infinite Batnet Gun
300CF524 0063

Batman Infinite Bat Laser
300CF527 0063

Robin Maximum Speed
300CF5C0 0096

Batman Have All Weapons
800CF508 FFFF

Robin Infinite Stamina
300CF5BC 0096

Batman Maximum Strength
300CF4FF 0096

Batgirl Infinite Cameras
300CF58B 0063

Batman Infinite Boost
800CF502 0006

Batman Infinite Bat Bombs
300CF518 0063

Batgirl Infinite Polar Assault Missiles
300CF57C 0063

Batman Infinite Turbo Jet Lift Jet Boots
300CF526 0063

Robin Infinite Opti-scope Missiles
300CF5DE 0063

Batman Infinite Opti-scope Missiles
300CF51E 0063

Robin Infinite Bat Bombs
300CF5D8 0063

Robin Infinite Batnet Gun
300CF5E4 0063

Robin Maximum Strength
300CF45BE 0096

Batgirl All Inventory Items
50000A02 0000
800CF578 6363

Batgirl Infinite Opti-scope Missiles
300CF57E 0063

Infinite Big Jewel
300D291C 00FF

Batman Infinite Bat Taser
300CF521 0063

Robin Infinite Tear Gas Bombs
300CF5DA 0063

Batgirl Infinite Magnesium Bombs
300CF579 0063

Robin Infinite Staff Launcher
300CF5E3 0063

Robin Infinite Magnesium Bombs
300CF5D9 0063

Robin Infinite Cell Power
800CF5C4 0168

Robin Infinite Batarangs
300CF5E0 0063

Batman Infinite Health Batmobile
801E312E 00FA
800D0710 00FA

Robin Infinite Cameras
300CF5EB 0063

Batgirl Infinite Bat Taser
300CF581 0063

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