GameShark Codes

BattleTanx: Global Assault – GameShark Codes

The following are known GameShark Codes for BattleTanx: Global Assault on Sony Playstation (PS1).

  1. Infinite Health for Player 2 in Campaign Modes
    800DF07C 007D
  2. Unlock All Levels
    800A60D8 0005
  3. Enable Brandon Gang
    300AED4E 0005
  4. Enable Cassandra Gang
    300AED4D 0005
  5. Invulnerability
    300AED48 0005
  6. Enable All Weapons
    300AED49 0005
  7. Enable Free Ammo
    300AED4A 0005
  8. Enable All Tanks
    300AED4B 0005
  9. Enable Lots of Tank Bucks
    300AED4C 0005
  10. Enable Thick Armor
    300AED51 0005
  11. Enable Bigger Guns
    300AED52 0005
  12. Enable Rapid Fire
    300AED53 0005
  13. Enable Laser Guns
    300AED54 0005
  14. Enable Random Stars
    300AED55 0005
  15. Enable Thin Armor
    300AED56 0005
  16. Enable Armored Buddies
    300AED57 0005
  17. Enable Stronger Buddies
    300AED58 0005
  18. Enable Back Fire
    300AED59 0005

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