Action Replay Codes [EU]

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos - Action Replay Codes [EU]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for Croc: Legend of the Gobbos on Sony Playstation (PS1).

The codes should work with the region specified but may work for other regions as well.

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Level 5 – The Curvy Caverns
8007542C 0004

Level 3 – Shouting Lava Lava Lava
8007542C 0002

Level 30 – Cactus Jack’s Ranch
8007542C 001C

Level 10 – The Twisty Tunnels
8007542C 0009

Level 9 – Fight Night With Flibby
8007542C 0008

Level 27 – Sand and Freedom
8007542C 0019

Infinite Lives
80075234 00FF

Level 22 – Lights Camel Action
8007542C 0014

Level 28 – Leap of Faith
8007542C 001A

Level 23 – Mud Pit Mania
8007542C 0015

Level 24 – Goin Underground
8007542C 0016

Level 1 – And so the Adventure Begins
8007542C 0000

Have All Gobbos

Level 21 – Ice Bridge to Eternity
8007542C 000D

Max Crystals/Infinite Health

Level 26 – Arabian Heights
8007542C 0018

Level 4 – Lair of the Feeble
8007542C 0003

Level 29 – Life’s a Beach
8007542C 001B

Level 16 – Clouds of Ice
8007542C 000E

Level 17 – I Snow him so Well
8007542C 000F

Level 7 – Cave Fear
8007542C 0006

Level 11 – The Ice of Life
8007542C 000A

Level 12 – Be Wheely Careful
8007542C 000A

Level 6 – The Tumbling Dantini
8007542C 0005

Level 15 – Chumlys Snow Den
8007542C 000D

Level 14 – Chumlys Snow Den
8007542C 000C

Level 20 – Demon Itsy’s Ice Palace
8007542C 0012

Have 99 Crystals

Level 31 – Defeato Burrito
8007542C 001D

Level 8 – Darkness Decends
8007542C 0007

Level 2 – Underground Overground
8007542C 0001

Level 19 – Licence to Chill
8007542C 0011

Level 13 – Riot Brrrrr
8007542C 000B

999 White Crystals
80074BC0 0FFF

Five Coloured Crystals Found
80074D24 001F

Infinite Lives

Invisible Croc
8007C486 0002

Level 25 – The Deadly Tank of Neptuna
8007542C 0017

Level 18 – Say no Snow
8007542C 0010

Six Gobbos Found
80074BC8 0006

Level 15 – Chumlys Snow Den
8007542C 000E

Invincible Croc
8007C486 FFF1

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