GameShark Codes [US]

Cyberia - GameShark Codes [US]

The following are known GameShark Codes for Cyberia on Sony Playstation (PS1).
These codes were also known as Action Replay Codes and in most cases will work on both devices.

These codes are for the U.S. version of the game.

  1. Infinite Shooting (Skeet Shoot)
    80067C0C FF64
  2. Infinite Energy (Skeet Shoot)
    80067C10 0007
  3. Infinite Energy & Shooting (All Flying)
    80068334 0190
  4. Kills All Viruses
    8006832C 0009
    Note: When using this code, the percent still changes, but it will kill the virus when you go all the way through it!
  5. Open All Levels
    30052DB4 0001
    30052DB5 0001
    30052DB6 0001
    30052DB7 0001
    30052DC1 0001
    30052DC2 0001
    30052DC3 0001
    30052DC4 0001
    30052DC5 0001
    30052DC8 0001
    30052DC9 0001
    30052DCA 0001
    30052DCB 0001
    30052DCC 0001
    30052DCD 0001
    30052DCE 0001
    30052DD2 0001
    30052DD3 0001
    30052DD4 0001
    30052DD5 0001
    30052DD6 0001
    30052DDD 0001
    30052DE0 0001
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