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Disney/Pixar A Bug’s Life - CodeBreaker / GameShark Codes [US]

The following are known CodeBreaker / GameShark Codes for Disney/Pixar A Bug’s Life on Sony Playstation (PS1).

The codes should work with the region specified but may work for other regions as well.

Device Compatibility: Action Replay, CodeBreaker & GameShark

  1. Infinite Health
    800A6594 0004
  2. 9 Lives and 50 Grain
    800A65A0 3209
  3. FLIK
    300A65A2 000F
  4. Note: Only use one of the 3 berry codes at a time.

  5. Start with Goldberry
    800A6596 0300
  6. Start with Blueberry
    800A6596 0100
  7. Start with Homing Berry
    800A6596 0200
  8. Have All Enemies Killed
    800A658E 0000
  9. Have All Movies Unlocked
    80082284 000F
    8009B878 0707
    8009B87A 0707
    8009B87C 0707
    8009B87E 0707
    8009B880 0707
    8009B882 0707
    8009B884 0707
    8009B886 0707
    8009B888 0707
  10. Have All Levels Unlocked
    80082284 000F
  11. Always Have Super Jump
    800A6590 0020
  12. Infinite Lives
    300A65A0 0009
  13. Infinite Grain
    300A65A1 0063
  14. Unlock 1st Set Of Movies
    80082284 000F
  15. Unlock 2nd Set Of Movies
    3009B878 0007
  16. Unlock 3rd Set Of Movies
    3009B879 0007
  17. Unlock 4th Set Of Movies
    3009B87A 0007
  18. Unlock 5th Set Of Movies
    3009B87B 0007
  19. Unlock 6th Set Of Movies
    3009B87C 0007
  20. Unlock 7th Set Of Movies
    3009B87D 0007
  21. Unlock 8th Set Of Movies
    3009B87E 0007
  22. Unlock 9th Set Of Movies
    3009B87F 0007
  23. Unlock 10th Set Of Movies
    3009B880 0007
  24. Unlock 11th Set Of Movies
    3009B881 0007
  25. Unlock 12th Set Of Movies
    3009B882 0007
  26. Unlock 13th Set Of Movies
    3009B883 0007
  27. Unlock 14th Set Of Movies
    3009B884 0007
  28. Unlock 15th Set Of Movies
    3009B885 0007
  29. Unlock 16h Set Of Movies
    3009B886 0007
  30. Unlock 17th Set Of Movies
    3009B887 0007
  31. Unlock 18th Set Of Movies
    3009B888 0007
  32. Unlock 19th Set Of Movies
    3009B889 0007
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