GameShark Codes [US]

Disney’s Hercules – GameShark Codes [US]

The following are known GameShark Codes for Disney’s Hercules on Sony Playstation (PS1).

These codes were also known as Action Replay Codes outside the U.S. and later in the U.S. and are compatible with both devices.

  1. Reverse Joker Command
    D0034DF4 ????
  2. FAKE Infinite Energy
    80034DBA 0080
  3. Infinite Energy
    80034DBC 0080
  4. Infinite Lives
    30034DA4 0009
  5. Infinite Lightning Sword
    80034DBE 00C8
  6. Infinite Fireball Sword
    80034DC0 00C8
  7. Infinite Sonic Sword
    80034DC2 00C8
  8. Infinite Helmet of Invincibility
    80034DC4 00C8
  9. Max Power Punch
    800740E2 0105
    Note: This code can cause the movies to be glitchy.
  10. 100% Coins
    80034DAC 00FF
  11. Have All Letters
    80034DB4 00FF

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