GameShark Codes

Duke Nukem: Time to Kill – GameShark Codes

The following are known GameShark Codes for Duke Nukem: Time to Kill on Sony Playstation (PS1).

    Note: In order to load or save a game you must put the switch on the GameShark in the down position. Then save or load your game and after complete put the switch on the GameShark in the up position.

  1. Infinite Health
    800d71ca 4e20
  2. Infinite Armor
    800d73cc 4e20
  3. Infinite Throwing Knives
    800d7460 0001
    800d7462 03e7
  4. Infinite Throwing Axes
    800d7464 0001
    800d7466 03e7
  5. Crossbow
    800d7468 0001
  6. Infinite Arrows
    800d746a 03e7
  7. Desert Eagle
    800d746c 0001
  8. Infinite Pistol Ammo
    800d746e 03e7
  9. Combat Shotgun
    800d7470 0001
  10. Infinite Shotgun Shells
    800d7472 03e7
  11. Buffalo Rifle
    800d7474 0001
  12. Infinite Rifle Ammo
    800d7476 03e7
  13. Gatling Gun
    800d7478 0001
  14. Infinite Gatling Gun Ammo
    800d747a 03e7
  15. RPG
    800d747c 0001
  16. Infinite RPG Ammo
    800d747e 03e7
  17. Flame Thrower
    800d7480 0001
  18. Infinite Flame Fuel
    800d7482 03e7
  19. Energy Weapon
    800d7484 0001
  20. Infinite Energy Ammo
    800d7486 03e7
  21. Freezer
    00d74880 0001
  22. Infinite Freezer Ammo
    800d748a 03e7
  23. Infinite Pipe Bombs
    800d748c 0001
    800d748e 03e7
  24. Infinite Holy Hand Grenades
    800d7490 0001
    800d7492 03e7
  25. Infinite Dynamite
    800d7494 0001
    800d7496 03e7
  26. Jet Pack
    d00d74f0 0000
    800d74f0 0001
  27. Infinite Jet Pack Energy
    800d74f2 6000
  28. Bio Mask
    800d74f4 0001
  29. Infinite Bio Mask Energy
    800d74f6 6000
  30. Goggles
    800d74f8 0001
  31. Infinite Goggle Energy
    800d74fa 6000
  32. Infinite Medkits
    800d7500 0001
    800d7502 6000
  33. Super Eagle
    800d746c 0009
  34. Super Shotgun
    800d7470 0009
  35. Laser Gatling Gun
    800d7478 0009
  36. Infinite Laser Gatling Ammo
    800d74ce 03e7
  37. Incendiary RPG
    800d747c 0009
  38. Infinite Incendiary Rounds
    800d74d2 03e7
  39. Hi-Temp Flame Thrower
    800d7480 0009
  40. Infinite Hi-Temp Fuel
    800d74ca 03e7
  41. Super Zapper
    800d7484 0009

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