GameShark Codes [US]

Gunship – GameShark Codes [US]

The following are known GameShark Codes for Gunship on Sony Playstation (PS1).

These codes were also known as Action Replay Codes outside the U.S. and later in the U.S. and are compatible with both devices.

  1. Infinite Inner Stores
    800A429A 0014
  2. Infinite Outer Stores
    800A429C 0014
  3. Infinite Wing-Tip Stores
    800A429E 0014
  4. Infinite Chaff
    800A42A8 001E
  5. Infinite Flares
    800A42AA 001E
  6. Infinite Cannon Rounds
    800A4288 07D0
  7. Infinite Fuel
    800A42A6 0064
    800A42A8 0064
  8. Infinite Ammo
    800A4298 0014

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