GameShark Codes [US]

Hot Wheels Turbo Racing – GameShark Codes [US]

The following are known GameShark Codes for Hot Wheels Turbo Racing on Sony Playstation (PS1).

These codes were also known as Action Replay Codes outside the U.S. and later in the U.S. and are compatible with both devices.

    Note: This game requires a Cheat Device Version 3.0 or Higher

  1. Infinite Turbos
    30129840 0009
  2. Add Turbos
    8003FD90 0001
  3. Max Tournament Points
    801397C8 00FF
  4. Max Points
    801295F0 FFFF
    801295F2 000F
  5. Start on Lap 4
    D01295AC 0000
    301295AC 0003
  6. P1 Unlock All Cars & Cups
    801397B8 FFFF
    801397BA FFFF
    801397BC FFFF
  7. P2 Unlock All Car & Cups
    80139878 FFFF
    8013987A FFFF
    8013987C FFFF
  8. Unlock All Tracks
    801397C0 FFFF
  9. Time Is Always 0:00:00 (Press SELECT)
    D011B38A FFFE
    800D0E34 0000
    D011B38A FFFE
    800D0E36 0000
    Note: When using this code, press SELECT right before you cross the line to go into next lap and it will reset the timer to 0:00:00.
  10. Car Is Invisible
    801298F0 FFFF
  11. Crazy Whack Driving
    801292DA FFFF
    80129292 FFFF
    8012931A FFFF
    801293A2 FFFF
  12. Have Towjam Car
    801397BC 0129
  13. Activate Cheat Modifier
    801397E0 00??

    • 02 – Big Cars
    • 04 – Tiny Cars
    • 08 – Cars Have No Texture
    • 20 – Big Wheels
    • 40 – Infinite Turbos
    • 80 – Shadow Car

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