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Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX – GameShark Codes

The following are known GameShark Codes for Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX on Sony Playstation (PS1).

  1. Score Modifier
    801EF288 ????
  2. Max Special Meter
    801EFB68 0307
  3. Tricks Landed Modifier
    801EF32E ????
  4. Bails Modifier
    801EF330 ????
  5. Play Career Mode
    8005F73C 0000
  6. Play Two Player Mode
    8005F73C 0001
  7. Play Free Ride
    8005F73C 0003
  8. View Videos
    8005F73C 0004
  9. Use Level Editor
    8005F73C 0005
  10. Use Options
    8005F73C 0006
  11. Use Continue
    8005F9E4 0000
  12. Use Load
    8005F9E4 0002
  13. Unlock All Levels
    8005ED08 0063
    8005ED0C FFFF
    8005ED0E FFFF
    8005ED10 FFFF
    8005ED12 FFFF
    8005ED14 FFFF
  14. Mat Hoffman Codes

  15. Tons Of Covers
    800609C0 00FF
  16. All Comps Completed
    800609CA FFFF
  17. All Objectives Completed
    800609C4 FFFF
    800609C6 FFFF
    800609C8 FFFF
    800609CC FFFF
  18. All Bikes Unlocked
    800609EE 00FF
  19. Max Stats
    800609F0 0A0A
    800609F2 0A0A
    800609F4 0A0A
    800609F6 0A0A
  20. All Bikes Unlocked
    800609EE 00FF
  21. Mike Escamilla Codes

  22. Tons Of Covers
    800609F8 00FF
  23. All Comps Completed
    80060A02 FFFF
  24. All Objectives Completed
    800609FC FFFF
    800609FE FFFF
    80060A00 FFFF
    80060A04 FFFF
  25. All Bikes Unlocked
    80060A26 00FF
  26. Max Stats
    80060A28 0A0A
    80060A2A 0A0A
    80060A2C 0A0A
    80060A2E 0A0A
  27. Cory Nastazio Codes

  28. Tons Of Covers
    80060A30 00FF
  29. All Comps Completed
    80060A3A FFFF
  30. All Objectives Completed
    80060A34 FFFF
    80060A36 FFFF
    80060A38 FFFF
    80060A3C FFFF
  31. All Bikes Unlocked
    80060A5E 00FF
  32. Max Stats
    80060A60 0A0A
    80060A62 0A0A
    80060A64 0A0A
    80060A66 0A0A
  33. Joe Butcher Kowalski Codes

  34. Tons Of Covers
    80060A68 00FF
  35. All Comps Completed
    80060A72 FFFF
  36. All Objectives Completed
    80060A6C FFFF
    80060A6E FFFF
    80060A70 FFFF
    80060A74 FFFF
  37. All Bikes Unlocked
    80060A96 00FF
  38. Max Stats
    80060A98 0A0A
    80060A9A 0A0A
    80060A9C 0A0A
    80060A9E 0A0A
  39. Rick Thorne Codes

  40. Tons Of Covers
    80060AA0 00FF
  41. All Comps Completed
    80060AAA FFFF
  42. All Objectives Completed
    80060AA4 FFFF
    80060AA6 FFFF
    80060AA8 FFFF
    80060AAC FFFF
  43. All Bikes Unlocked
    80060ACE 00FF
  44. Max Stats
    80060AD0 0A0A
    80060AD2 0A0A
    80060AD4 0A0A
    80060AD6 0A0A
  45. Dennis McCoy Codes

  46. Tons Of Covers
    80060AD8 00FF
  47. All Comps Completed
    80060AE2 FFFF
  48. All Objectives Completed
    80060ADC FFFF
    80060ADE FFFF
    80060AE0 FFFF
    80060AE4 FFFF
  49. All Bikes Unlocked
    80060B06 00FF
  50. Max Stats
    80060B08 0A0A
    80060B0A 0A0A
    80060B0C 0A0A
    80060B0E 0A0A
  51. Kevin Robinson Codes

  52. Tons Of Covers
    80060B10 00FF
  53. All Comps Completed
    80060B1A FFFF
  54. All Objectives Completed
    80060B14 FFFF
    80060B16 FFFF
    80060B18 FFFF
    80060B1C FFFF
  55. All Bikes Unlocked
    80060B3E 00FF
  56. Max Stats
    80060B40 0A0A
    80060B42 0A0A
    80060B44 0A0A
    80060B46 0A0A
  57. Simon Tabron Codes

  58. Tons Of Covers
    80060B48 00FF
  59. All Comps Completed
    80060B52 FFFF
  60. All Objectives Completed
    80060B4C FFFF
    80060B4E FFFF
    80060B50 FFFF
    80060B54 FFFF
  61. All Bikes Unlocked
    80060B76 00FF
  62. Max Stats
    80060B78 0A0A
    80060B7A 0A0A
    80060B7C 0A0A
    80060B7E 0A0A
  63. Tony Hawk Codes

  64. Tons Of Covers
    80060BB8 00FF
  65. All Comps Completed
    80060BC2 FFFF
  66. All Objectives Completed
    80060BBC FFFF
    80060BBE FFFF
    80060BC0 FFFF
    80060BC4 FFFF
  67. All Bikes Unlocked
    80060BE6 00FF
  68. Max Stats
    80060BE8 0A0A
    80060BEA 0A0A
    80060BEC 0A0A
    80060BEE 0A0A

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