CodeBreaker / GameShark Codes [US]

007 Racing - CodeBreaker / GameShark Codes [US]

The following are known CodeBreaker / GameShark Codes for 007 Racing on Sony Playstation (PS1).

The codes should work with the region specified but may work for other regions as well.

Device Compatibility: Action Replay, CodeBreaker & GameShark

  1. Max Reverse Joker Command
    D003C1FA ????
  2. Infinite Health
    8005DF0A 0000
  3. Infinite Ammo (On Pickup)
    D00C1C7A ACC2
    800C1C7A 2400
  4. Quick Max Score
    D005E240 0000
    8005E240 FFFF
  5. Infinite Shields (On Pickup)
    D00C1C12 AC82
    800C1C12 2400
  6. Unlock All Missions & Movies
    8003DA7E 0101
    8003DA80 0101
    8003DA82 0101
    8003DA84 0101
    8003DA86 0101
    8003DA88 0101
  7. Stop Timer
    D00CFDEA AC85
    800CFDEA 2400
  8. Unlock Gimme a Break
    3003DA7F 0001
  9. Unlock Ambush
    3003DA80 0001
  10. Unlock Highway Hazard
    3003DA81 0001
  11. Unlock Survive the Jungle
    3003DA82 0001
  12. Unlock Air Strike
    3003DA83 0001
  13. Unlock Escape
    3003DA84 0001
  14. Unlock Breakout
    3003DA85 0001
  15. Unlock River Race
    3003DA86 0001
  16. Unlock Download
    3003DA87 0001
  17. Unlock Submerged
    3003DA88 0001
  18. Unlock Showdown
    3003DA89 0001
  19. Press R1 for All Weapons
    D003C1FA F7FF
    8005E9CC 03E8
    D003C1FA F7FF
    8005E9D0 000A
    D003C1FA F7FF
    8005E9D4 0005
    D003C1FA F7FF
    8005E9D8 0078
    D003C1FA F7FF
    8005E9DC 000A
    D003C1FA F7FF
    8005E9E0 1000
    D003C1FA F7FF
    8005E9f0 0064
    D003C1FA F7FF
    8005E9f4 0001
    D003C1FA F7FF
    8005E9F8 000A
    D003C1FA F7FF
    8005E9fc 0064
    D003C1FA F7FF
    8005EA00 0001
    D003C1FA F7FF
    8005EA08 0001
    D003C1FA F7FF
    8005EA0C 00B4
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