Action Replay Codes [US]

Armored Core 3 - Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for Armored Core 3 on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2). These codes were also known as GameShark Codes and in most cases will work on both devices.

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark (Version 1 & 2)

    Master Code – Must Be On

  1. (M) Must Be On
    0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
  2. Max Cash
    DE431EAE C19E7B82
  3. Infinite Ap
  4. Infinite Power
    CE4FAE26 BCA937BE
  5. Infinite Right Ammo
    CE4FA576 BCA99E6A
  6. Infinite Left Ammo
    CE4E7D86 BCA99BE6
  7. Infinite Back Ammo
    CE4FA5F6 BCA99BE6
    CE4FA476 BCA99BE6
  8. Infinite Inside Ammo
    CE4FA4F6 BCA99BE6
  9. Infinite Extension Ammo
    CE4F9B76 BCA99BE6
  10. Weak Opp 1 Arena
    DE4F7F5A BCA99B88
  11. All Heads
    DE43DE9E BDAA9C83
    DE43DE9A BDAA9C84
    DE43DEA6 BDAA9C84
    DE43DEA2 BCA99B84
  12. All Cores
    DE43DE5E BDAA9C83
    DE43DE5A BCAA9C84
  13. All Arms
    DE43DE1E BDAA9C83
    DE43DE1A BDAA9C84
    DE43DE26 BDAA9C84
    DE43DE22 BDAA9C84
    DE43DE23 BDAA9C84
    DE43DE2A BCAA9C84
  14. All Legs
    DE43DEE6 BDAA9C84
    DE43DEE2 BDAA9C84
    DE43DEF6 BDAA9C84
    DE43DEF2 BDAA9C84
  15. All Boosters
    DE43DD9E BDAA9C83
    DE43DD9A BDAA9C84
  16. All Fcs
    DE43DD5E BDAA9C83
    DE43DD5A BDAA9C84
    DE43DD66 BCAA9C84
  17. All Generators
    DE43DD1E BDAA9C83
    DE43DD1A BDAA9C84
  18. All Radiators
  19. All Inside Parts
    DE43DC9E BDAA9C83
    DE43DC9A BDAA9C84
    DE43DCA6 BDAA9C84
    DE43DCA2 BCAA9C84
  20. All Extensions
    DE43DC5E BDAA9C83
    DE43DC5A BDAA9C84
    DE43DC66 BDAA9C84
    DE43DC62 BDAA9C84
    DE43DC6E BCA99C84
  21. All Back Weapons
    DE43DC1E BEAB9D83
    DE43DC1A BEAB9D85
    DE43DC26 BEAB9D85
    DE43DC22 BEAB9D85
    DE43DC2E BEAB9D85
    DE43DC2A BEAB9D85
    DE43DC36 BEAB9D85
    DE43DC32 BEAB9D85
    DE43DC3E BEAB9D85
    DE43DC3A BEAB9D85
    DE43DCC6 BCA99B85
  22. All R Arm Units
    DE43DCE6 BDAA9C84
    DE43DCE2 BDAA9C84
    DE43DCF6 BDAA9C84
    DE43DCF2 BCA99B84
  23. All L Arm Units
    DE43D39E BDAA9C83
    DE43D39A BDAA9C84
    DE43D3A6 BDAA9C84
    DE43D3A2 BCA99B84
  24. All Heads In Shop
    DE43D69E BDAA9C83
    DE43D69A BDAA9C84
    DE43D6A6 BDAA9C84
    DE43D6A2 BCA99B84
  25. All Cores In Shop
    DE43D65E BDAA9C83
    DE43D65A BCAA9C84
  26. All Arms In Shop
    DE43D61E BDAA9C83
    DE43D61A BDAA9C84
    DE43D626 BDAA9C84
    DE43D622 BDAA9C84
    DE43D623 BDAA9C84
    DE43D62A BCAA9C84
  27. All Legs In Shop
    DE43D6DE BDAA9C83
    DE43D6DA BDAA9C84
    DE43D6E6 BDAA9C84
    DE43D6E2 BDAA9C84
    DE43D6EE BDAA9C84
    DE43D6EA BDAA9C84
    DE43D6F6 BDAA9C84
    DE43D6F2 BDAA9C84
    DE43D5FE BCAA9C84
  28. All Boosters In Shop
    DE43D59E BDAA9C83
    DE43D59A BDAA9C84
  29. All Fcs In Shop
    DE43D55E BDAA9C83
    DE43D55A BDAA9C84
    DE43D566 BCAA9C84
  30. All Gens In Shop
    DE43D51E BDAA9C83
    DE43D51A BDAA9C84
  31. All Rads In Shop
    DE43D5DE BDAA9C83
    DE43D5DA BDAA9C84
  32. All In Parts In Shop
    DE43D49E BDAA9C83
    DE43D49A BDAA9C84
    DE43D4A6 BDAA9C84
    DE43D4A2 BCAA9C84
  33. All Exts In Shop
    DE43D45E BDAA9C83
    DE43D45A BDAA9C84
    DE43D466 BDAA9C84
    DE43D462 BDAA9C84
    DE43D46E BCA99C84
  34. All B Weapon In Shop
    DE43D41E BEAB9D83
    DE43D41A BEAB9D85
    DE43D426 BEAB9D85
    DE43D422 BEAB9D85
    DE43D42E BEAB9D85
    DE43D42A BEAB9D85
    DE43D436 BEAB9D85
    DE43D432 BEAB9D85
    DE43D43E BEAB9D85
    DE43D43A BEAB9D85
    DE43D4C6 BCA99B85
  35. All R Arms In Shop
    DE43D4DE BDAA9C83
    DE43D4DA BDAA9C84
    DE43D4E6 BDAA9C84
    DE43D4E2 BDAA9C84
    DE43D4EE BDAA9C84
    DE43D4EA BDAA9C84
    DE43D4F6 BDAA9C84
    DE43D4F2 BCA99B84
  36. All L Arms In Shop
    DE43CB9E BDAA9C83
    DE43CB9A BDAA9C84
    DE43CBA6 BDAA9C84
    DE43CBA2 BCA99B84
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