Action Replay Codes [US]

Bloody Roar 3 - Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for Bloody Roar 3 on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2). These codes were also known as GameShark Codes and in most cases will work on both devices.

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark (Version 1 & 2)

  1. Master Code – Must Be On
    EC8E3130 1456E60A
  2. Enable Extra Modes
    4CB7561C 1456B00C
    4C8ADF54 1456B00C
  3. Sudden Death Only
    4CB75618 1456E7A6
  4. No Guard Only
    4CB75618 1456E7A7
  5. Hard Mode Only
    4CB75618 1456E7A8
  6. Knock-down Mode Only
    4CB75618 1456E7A1
  7. High Speed Mode Only
    4CB75618 1456E7A2
  8. Low Speed Mode Only
    4CB75618 1456E7A3
  9. H.beast Mode Only
    4CB75618 1456E7A4
  10. Sumo Mode Only
    4CB75618 1456E79D
  11. P1 Is Alice
    4C8AD4C2 1456E7A6
  12. P1 Is Bakuryu
    4C8AD4C2 1456E7A7
  13. P1 Is Busuzima
    4C8AD4C2 1456E7A8
  14. P1 Is Gado
    4C8AD4C2 1456E7A1
  15. P1 Is Jenny
    4C8AD4C2 1456E7A2
  16. P1 Is Long
    4C8AD4C2 1456E7A3
  17. P1 Is Shiva
    4C8AD4C2 1456E7A4
  18. P1 Is Shenlong
    4C8AD4C2 1456E79D
  19. P1 Is Xion
    4C8AD4C2 1456E79E
  20. P1 Is Stun
    4C8AD4C2 1456E79F
  21. P1 Is Uriko
    4C8AD4C2 1456E7A0
  22. P1 Is Yugo
    4C8AD4C2 1456E799
  23. P1 Is Kohryu
    4C8AD4C2 1456E79A
  24. P1 Is Uranus
    4C8AD4C2 1456E79B
  25. P2 Is Alice
    4C8AD41A 1456E7A6
  26. P2 Is Bakuryu
    4C8AD41A 1456E7A7
  27. P2 Is Busuzima
    4C8AD41A 1456E7A8
  28. P2 Is Gado
    4C8AD41A 1456E7A1
  29. P2 Is Jenny
    4C8AD41A 1456E7A2
  30. P2 Is Long
    4C8AD41A 1456E7A3
  31. P2 Is Shiva
    4C8AD41A 1456E7A4
  32. P2 Is Shenlong
    4C8AD41A 1456E79D
  33. P2 Is Xion
    4C8AD41A 1456E79E
  34. P2 Is Stun
    4C8AD41A 1456E79F
  35. P2 Is Uriko
    4C8AD41A 1456E7A0
  36. P2 Is Yugo
    4C8AD41A 1456E799
  37. P2 Is Kohryu
    4C8AD41A 1456E79A
  38. P2 Is Uranus
    4C8AD41A 1456E79B
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