Game Shark Codes

Bloody Roar 4 – Game Shark Codes

The following are known Game Shark Codes for Bloody Roar 4 on Sony Playstation2 (PS2).

  1. Master – Must Be On
    9495B6F0 B376021C
    24CFFEB4 5F6D8801
    24DBF6A8 1647C129
    24DAF6A8 9247C119
    24C1A6A8 1666C139
    24C0B6A8 9A64C189
    24D3B6B2 1F5FC8A0
    24D9A688 8674C198
    4450B628 1664C1B8
    3942D6E1 9BABB1E0
    24D3B4B2 9F5FC830
    24D9A488 8674C188
    4450B428 1664C1A8
    3942D6E1 9BABB1E0
    24DAF7A8 9247C128
    24DBF7A8 1647C118
    24DAF70A 1675C138
    24DFF7AC 5665C189
    24911228 30764134
  2. Player 1: Infinite Health
    24C2BEA8 1346C1B9
    24C2BCA8 9346C109
  3. Player 1: No Health
    24C2BEA8 1756C1B9
    24C2BCA8 9756C109
  4. Player 1: Infinite Beast
    24C2BCAA 1346C129
    24C2BCAA 9346C119
  5. Player 1: No Beast
    24C2BCAA 1756C129
    24C2BCAA 9756C119
  6. Player 2: Infinite Health
    24C2BCA8 1346C1A9
    24C2BCA8 9346C199
  7. Player 2: No Health
    24C2BCA8 1756C1A9
    24C2BCA8 9756C199
  8. Player 2: Infinite Beast
    24C2BCAA 1346C1B9
    24C2BFAA 9346C109
  9. Player 2: No Beast
    24C2BCAA 1756C1B9
    24C2BFAA 9756C109
  10. Unlock: Kohryu the Ironmole
    244A4340 4D2412D8
  11. Unlock: Uranus the Chimera
    24C213E2 0D3E52F9
  12. Unlock: Shina the Leopard
    24435140 48365349
  13. Unlock: Long the Tiger
    24CB5140 0C24536B
  14. Unlock: Ryoho the Dragon
    245F51C0 4C365359
  15. Max: DNA
    24435AC6 DCA55A7A
    24435AC6 DCA55ACA

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