Action Replay Codes [US]

Burnout 2: Point of Impact - Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for Burnout 2: Point of Impact on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2). These codes were also known as GameShark Codes and in most cases will work on both devices.

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark (Version 1 & 2)

  1. Master Code – Must Be On
    0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
  2. Driving 101 Complete
    FEA8A53A BCA99B84
  3. Max Score
    DEA5723E D9760083
  4. Insane Turbo: Press R1+R2
    0EB708F8 BCA99082
    DEA5389A FF819B83
    0EB708F8 BCA99082
    DEA5382A FF819B83
    0EB708F8 BCA99082
    DEA53FBA FF819B83
    0EB708F8 BCA99082
    DEA53FCA FF819B83
  5. Jump: Press L3+X
    0EB708F8 BCA95A80
    DEA541CA FD719B83
  6. Ultra Jump: Press L3
    0EB708F8 BCA99A80
    DEA541CA FE319B83
  7. Unlock Custom Compact
    DEA8A672 BCA99B83
  8. Unlock Custom Coupe
    DEA8A67E BCA99B83
  9. Unlock Custom Sport
    DEA8A67A BCA99B83
  10. Unlock Custom Roadster
    DEA8A606 BCA99B83
  11. Unlock Custom Pickup
    DEA8A602 BCA99B83
  12. Unlock Custom Muscle
    DEA8A60E BCA99B83
  13. Unlock Custom Suv
    DEA8A60A BCA99B83
  14. Unlock Cop Car
    DEA8A616 BCA99B83
  15. Unlock Hot Rod
    DEA8A612 BCA99B83
  16. Unlock Oval Racer
    DEA8A61E BCA99B83
  17. Unlock Japanese Muscle
    DEA8A61A BCA99B83
  18. Unlock Supercar
    DEA8A626 BCA99B83
  19. Unlock Classic
    DEA8A622 BCA99B83
  20. Unlock Gangster
    DEA8A62E BCA99B83
  21. Unlock Driver’s Ed
    DEA8A62A BCA99B83
  22. Unlock Palm Bay Marina
    DEA8A632 BCA99B83
  23. Unlock Airport Terminal 1 & 2
    DEA8A63A BCA99B83
  24. Unlock Sunrise Valley Downtown
    DEA8A6C6 BCA99B83
  25. Unlock Sunrise Valley Springs
    DEA8A6C2 BCA99B83
  26. Unlock Interstate Loop
    DEA8A6CE BCA99B83
  27. Unlock Big Surf Grove
    DEA8A6D6 BCA99B83
  28. Unlock Big Surf Shores
    DEA8A6D2 BCA99B83
  29. Unlock Crystal Summit Peak
    DEA8A6DE BCA99B83
  30. Unlock Crystal Summit Lake
    DEA8A6DA BCA99B83
  31. Unlock Ocean Sprint
    DEA8A6E6 BCA99B83
  32. Unlock Heartbreak Hills
    DEA8A6E2 BCA99B83
  33. Unlock Freeway Dash
    DEA8A6EE BCA99B83
  34. Unlock Palm Bay Heights[r]
    DEA8A6EA BCA99B83
  35. Unlock Palm Bay Marina [R]
    DEA8A6F6 BCA99B83
  36. Unlock Airport Terminal 3[r]
    DEA8A6F2 BCA99B83
  37. Unlock Airport Terminal 1&2[r]
    DEA8A5FE BCA99B83
  38. Unlock Sunrise Valley Downtown[r]
    DEA8A5FA BCA99B83
  39. Unlock Sunrise Valley Springs[r]
    DEA8A586 BCA99B83
  40. Unlock Interstate Loop[r]
    DEA8A582 BCA99B83
  41. Unlock 88 Interchange[r]
    DEA8A58E BCA99B83
  42. Unlock Big Surf Grove[r]
    DEA8A58A BCA99B83
  43. Unlock Big Surf Shores[r]
    DEA8A596 BCA99B83
  44. Unlock Crystal Summit Peak[r]
    DEA8A592 BCA99B83
  45. Unlock Crystal Summit Leak[r]
    DEA8A59E BCA99B83
  46. Unlock Ocean Sprint[r]
    DEA8A59A BCA99B83
  47. Unlock Heartbreak Hills[r]
    DEA8A5A6 BCA99B83
  48. Unlock Freeway Dash[r]
    DEA8A5A2 BCA99B83
  49. Unlock All Championship Stages
    DEA8A5AA BCA99B83
    DEA8A5B6 BCA99B83
    DEA8A5B2 BCA99B83
    DEA8A5BE BCA99B83
    DEA8A5BA BCA99B83
    DEA8A546 BCA99B83
    DEA8A542 BCA99B83
    DEA8A54E BCA99B83
    DEA8A54A BCA99B83
    DEA8A556 BCA99B83
    DEA8A552 BCA99B83
    DEA8A55E BCA99B83
    DEA8A55A BCA99B83
    DEA8A566 BCA99B83
  50. Unlock Face-off – Cheat
    DEA8A506 BCA99B83
  51. Unlock Runaway – Cheat
    DEA8A502 BCA99B83
  52. Unlock Invulnerable – Cheat
    DEA8A50E BCA99B83
  53. Unlock Infinite Boost – Cheat
    DEA8A50A BCA99B83
  54. Unlock Free Run – Cheat
    DEA8A516 BCA99B83
  55. Unlock Pursuit Mode – Cheat
    DEA8A512 BCA99B83
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