Action Replay Codes [US]

Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001 - Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001 on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2). These codes were also known as GameShark Codes and in most cases will work on both devices.

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark (Version 1 & 2)

  1. Master Code – Must Be On
    EC83D240 1446911C
  2. Infinite Health P1
    4CDF9BEC 1456F5A5
    4CDF9BEA 1456F5A5
    4CDF9BF0 1456F5A5
  3. Hit Kills P1
    4CDF9BF0 1456E7A6
  4. Infinite Health P2
    4CDFA1BC 1456F5A5
    4CDFA1BA 1456F5A5
    4CDFA1C0 1456F5A5
  5. Hit Kills P2
    4CDFA1C0 1456E7A6
  6. P1 Super Jumps
    0CDF98E6 1426E7C5
    4CDF98E6 1456E755
  7. P1 Warp Left: Press Select+R2
    0CD47B76 1456B20B
    4CDF98E2 1456B125
  8. P1 Warp Right: Press Select+R1
    0CD47B76 1456B80B
    4CDF98E2 1456E5A5
  9. P2 Super Jumps
    0CDF9EB6 1426E7C5
    4CDF9EB6 1456E755
  10. P2 Warp Left: Press Select+R2
    0CD47816 1456B20B
    4CDF9EB2 1456B125
  11. P2 Warp Right: Press Select+R1
    0CD47816 1456B80B
    4CDF9EB2 1456E5A5
  12. Only Use Throws
    1C835638 94D4E7A5
    1C835650 94B4E7A5
    1C835668 98D3E7A5
    1C83566C 98B4E7A5
    1C835958 94D4E7A5
    1C835970 94B4E7A5
  13. Player 1 Codes

  14. P1 Invisible
    3CDF98EF 1456E7A5
  15. P1 Can Do Air Moves
    3CDF9BFB 1456E7A5
  16. P1 Character Modifier (Training Mode)
    3CDF98A9 1456E7??
  17. P1 Character Modifier (All Modes)
    3CDF9FC4 1456E7??
  18. P1-2 Character Modifier (For Ratio And 3 On 3 Matches)
    3CDF9FC5 1456E7??
  19. P1-3 Character Modifier (For Ratio And 3 On 3 Matches)
    3CDF9FC2 1456E7??
  20. P1 Always Uses ? Groove Modifier
    3CDF9FD4 1456E7??
  21. Player 2 Codes

  22. P2 Invisible
    3CDF9EBF 1456E7A5
  23. P2 Can Do Air Moves
    3CDFA1CB 1456E7A5
  24. P2 Character Modifier (Training Mode)
    3CDF9E79 1456E7??
  25. P2 Character Modifier (All Modes)
    3CDFA594 1456E7??
  26. P2-2 Character Modifier (For Ratio And 3 On 3 Matches)
    3CDFA595 1456E7??
  27. P2-3 Character Modifier (For Ratio And 3 On 3 Matches)
    3CDFA592 1456E7??
  28. P2 Always Uses ? Groove Modifier
    3CDFA5A4 1456E7??
  29. Character Modifiers

    • A5: Ryu
    • A6: Ken
    • A7: Chun-Li
    • A8: Guile
    • A1: Zangief
    • A2: Dhalsim
    • A3: E.Honda
    • A4: Blanka
    • 9D: Vega
    • 9E: Sagat
    • 9F: M. Bison
    • A0: Sakura
    • 99: Cammy
    • 9A: Akuma
    • 9B: Morrigan
    • 9C: Evil Ryu
    • B5: Kyo
    • B6: Iori
    • B7: Terry
    • B8: Ryo
    • B1: Mai
    • B2: Kim
    • B3: Geese
    • B4: Yamazaki
    • AD: Raiden
    • AE: Rugal
    • AF: Vice
    • B0: Benimaru
    • A9: Yuri
    • AA: King
    • AB: Nakoruru
    • AC: Evil Iori
    • C5: Balrog
    • C6: Dan
    • C7: Joe
    • C8: Eagle
    • C1: Maki
    • C2: Kyosuke
    • C3: Athena
    • C4: Chang
    • BD: Todo
    • BE: Rock
    • BF: Hibiki
    • C0: Haohmaru
    • B9: Yun
    • BA: Shin Akuma
    • BB: Ultimate Rugal
    • BC: Rolento

    Groove Modifier

    • A5: C Groove
    • A6: A Groove
    • A7: P Groove
    • A8: S Groove
    • A1: N Groove
    • A2: K Groove
    • A3: Ex1 Groove
    • A4: Ex2 Groove

    Miscellaneous Codes

  30. Background Modifier (Training Mode)
    3CAAA68C 1456E7??
  31. Press Select+Left To Disable Background/Select+Right To Enable Background
    0CD47B76 1456B08B
    1C820BF0 1456E7A5
    0CD47B76 1456B0EB
    1C820BF0 1059C4CD
  32. Press L3 For Slow Motion/R3 for Normal Speed
    1C9B8548 204EE725
    1C9B854C FF56B00C
    1C9B8550 374EB00C
    1C9B8554 15F6E79D
    0CD47B76 1456B00A
    1C8761CC 0C53E71D
    0CD47B76 1456B010
    1C8761CC 15F6E79D
    Note: Active on Controller 1
  33. Background Modifiers

    • A5: Aomori
    • A6: Shanghai
    • A7: Nairobi
    • A8: Kinderdijk
    • A1: London
    • A2: Barentsburg
    • A3: New York
    • A4: Osaka (Arena)
    • 9D: Osaka (Temple Roof)
    • 9E: Osaka (Destroyed City)
    • 9F: Osaka (Training Room)
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