Action Replay Codes [US]

Clock Tower 3 - Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for Clock Tower 3 on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2). These codes were also known as GameShark Codes and in most cases will work on both devices.

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark (Version 1 & 2)

  1. Master Code – Must Be On
    0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
    E17CB1A2 BD2BE0B2
  2. No Fear
    C10AE874 BCA99B83
  3. Infinite Holy Water
    C10AEC06 BCA99B88
  4. Inf Item 1
    F10C16A1 BCA99BE6
  5. Inf Item 2
    F10C16B9 BCA99BE6
  6. Inf Item 3
    F10C1651 BCA99BE6
  7. Inf Item 4
    F10C1669 BCA99BE6
  8. Inf Item 5
    F10C1601 BCA99BE6
  9. Inf Item 6
    F10C1619 BCA99BE6
  10. Inf Item 7
    F10C1631 BCA99BE6
  11. Inf Item 8
    F10C16C9 BCA99BE6
  12. Inf Item 9
    F10C16E1 BCA99BE6
  13. Inf Item 10
    F10C15F9 BCA99BE6
  14. Inf Item 11
    F10C1591 BCA99BE6
  15. Inf Item 12
    F10C15A9 BCA99BE6
  16. Boss Battle Codes

  17. Inf Vitality
    C11A32DA BCA99EA3
  18. Weak Bosses
    C11A2FDA BCA99B84
  19. Item Slot 12 Codes

  20. Lavender Water
    C10B05C2 BCA99B84
  21. Sigil Stone
    C10B05C2 BCA99B85
  22. Invisibility Band
    C10B05C2 BCA99B86
  23. Engagement Ring
    C10B05C2 BCA99B88
  24. Gold Fountain Pen
    C10B05C2 BCA99B89
  25. Half Heart Pendant
    C10B05C2 BCA99B8A
  26. Teddy Bear
    C10B05C2 BCA99B8B
  27. Film
    C10B05C2 BCA99B8C
  28. Daughter’s Letter
    C10B05C2 BCA99B8D
  29. Spectacles
    C10B05C2 BCA99B8E
  30. Photo of Mother
    C10B05C2 BCA99B8F
  31. Release Form
    C10B05C2 BCA99B90
  32. Photo of a Child
    C10B05C2 BCA99B91
  33. Charred Skull
    C10B05C2 BCA99B92
  34. Item Slot 18 Codes

  35. May’s Room Key
    C10B057A BCA99B84
  36. Red Drawer Key
    C10B057A BCA99B85
  37. Invitation
    C10B057A BCA99B86
  38. Master Key
    C10B057A BCA99B87
  39. Matches
    C10B057A BCA99B88
  40. Pliers
    C10B057A BCA99B89
  41. Pocket Watch
    C10B057A BCA99B8A
  42. Sacred Bottle
    C10B057A BCA99B8D
  43. Dick’s Desk Key
    C10B057A BCA99B8E
  44. Kitchen Key
    C10B057A BCA99B8F
  45. Hexagon Wrench
    C10B057A BCA99B90
  46. Toolbox Key
    C10B057A BCA99B91
  47. Winding Keys
    C10B057A BCA99B92
  48. Dick’s Room Key
    C10B057A BCA99B94
  49. Strange Mask
    C10B057A BCA99B95
  50. Shawl
    C10B057A BCA99B96
  51. Worker’s Key
    C10B057A BCA99B98
  52. Card Key
    C10B057A BCA99B99
  53. Crowbar
    C10B057A BCA99B9A
  54. Rubber Gloves
    C10B057A BCA99B9B
  55. Compass of Shadows
    C10B057A BCA99B9C
  56. Sky Rooder Stone
    C10B057A BCA99B9E
  57. Earth Rooder Stone
    C10B057A BCA99B9F
  58. Sea Rooder Stone
    C10B057A BCA99BA0
  59. Compass of Light
    C10B057A BCA99BA1
  60. Labeled Key A
    C10B057A BCA99BA3
  61. Labeled Key C
    C10B057A BCA99BA4
  62. Looking Glass
    C10B057A BCA99BA5
  63. Labeled Key B
    C10B057A BCA99BA6
  64. D Crest
    C10B057A BCA99BA7
  65. N Crest
    C10B057A BCA99BA8
  66. A Crest
    C10B057A BCA99BA9
  67. Wardrobe key
    C10B057A BCA99BAA
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