Action Replay Codes [US]

Cool Boarders 2001 - Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for Cool Boarders 2001 on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2). These codes were also known as GameShark Codes and in most cases will work on both devices.

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark (Version 1 & 2)

  1. Master Code – Must Be On
    EC878228 144837FC
  2. Super Jumps
    1C897568 2266E7A5
  3. Infinite Time
    4CA7A5B0 1456B00C
  4. Massive Score
    1CA7BEF4 17E9C70C
  5. Quick Race Boarders
    1C8F4984 61DFB00C
  6. All Career Boarders
    1C8F29F8 61DFB00C
  7. All Quick Race Tracks
    7C8F466C 1458E7A6
    3D988229 1456E7A5
  8. All Career Events
    7C8F29B8 1446E7A6
    3D988229 1456E7A5
  9. Plenty Of Coins
    4CA7BEF0 1456089C
  10. Max Stats – Trent
    1C8F498C 0E4CDD9F
    1C8F2904 0E4CDD9F
  11. Max Stats – Cool
    1C8F4990 0E4CDD9F
    1C8F2908 0E4CDD9F
  12. Max Stats – Replay
    1C8F4994 0E4CDD9F
    1C8F290C 0E4CDD9F
  13. Max Stats – Sasha
    1C8F4998 0E4CDD9F
    1C8F2910 0E4CDD9F
  14. Max Stats – Max
    1C8F499C 0E4CDD9F
    1C8F2914 0E4CDD9F
  15. Max Stats – Karma
    1C8F49A0 0E4CDD9F
    1C8F2918 0E4CDD9F
  16. Max Stats – Le’monjello
    1C8F49A4 0E4CDD9F
    1C8F291C 0E4CDD9F
  17. Max Stats – Burg
    1C8F49A8 0E4CDD9F
    1C8F2920 0E4CDD9F
  18. Max Stats – Tex
    1C8F49AC 0E4CDD9F
    1C8F2924 0E4CDD9F
  19. Max Stats – Gray
    1C8F49B0 0E4CDD9F
    1C8F2828 0E4CDD9F
  20. Max Stats – J.jones
    1C8F49B4 0E4CDD9F
    1C8F282C 0E4CDD9F
  21. Max Stats – B.christy
    1C8F49B8 0E4CDD9F
    1C8F2830 0E4CDD9F
  22. Max Stats – T.dakides
    1C8F49BC 0E4CDD9F
    1C8F2834 0E4CDD9F
  23. Max Stats – N.cole
    1C8F49C0 0E4CDD9F
    1C8F2838 0E4CDD9F
  24. Max Stats – K.jones
    1C8F49C4 0E4CDD9F
    1C8F283C 0E4CDD9F
  25. Max Stats – S.wittlake
    1C8F49C8 0E4CDD9F
    1C8F2840 0E4CDD9F
  26. Max Stats – T.parker
    1C8F49CC 0E4CDD9F
    1C8F2844 0E4CDD9F
  27. Max Stats – M.taggart
    1C8F49D0 0E4CDD9F
    1C8F2848 0E4CDD9F
  28. Max Stats – J.oksanen
    1C8F49D4 0E4CDD9F
    1C8F284C 0E4CDD9F
  29. Max Stats – T.richards
    1C8F49D8 0E4CDD9F
    1C8F2850 0E4CDD9F
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