Action Replay Codes [US]

Culdcept - Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for Culdcept on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2). These codes were also known as GameShark Codes and in most cases will work on both devices.

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark (Version 1 & 2)

  1. Master Code – Must Be On
    0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
    EE827EFA BCC51B8A
  2. All Medals
    DEBE2DE6 BBA89A82
    DEBE2DE6 BBA89A82
  3. Player A Codes

  4. Max Magic
    DE95A5E6 BCAA2122
  5. Minimum Magic
    DE95A5E6 BCA99B84
  6. Max Total Magic
    DE95A4EE BCAA2122
  7. Minimum Total Magic
    DE95A4EE BCA99B84
  8. Player B Codes

  9. Max Magic
    DE959B82 BCAA2122
  10. Minimum Magic
    DE959B82 BCA99B84
  11. Max Total Magic
    DE959A8A BCAA2122
  12. Minimum Total Magic
    DE959A8A BCA99B84
  13. Have Card Codes

  14. All Neutral Cards
    FEBE2C2F BCA99B88
    DEBE2C2E C1AEA088
    DEBE2C2A C1AEA088
    DEBE2C36 C1AEA088
    DEBE2C32 C1AEA088
    DEBE2C3E C1AEA088
    DEBE2C3A C1AEA088
    DEBE2CC6 C1AEA088
    DEBE2CC2 C1AEA088
    DEBE2CD6 C1AEA088
    DEBE2CD2 C1AEA088
  15. All Fire Cards
    CEBE2CE4 BCA9A088
    DEBE2CE6 C1AEA088
    DEBE2CE2 C1AEA088
    DEBE2CF6 C1AEA088
    DEBE2CF2 C1AEA088
    DEBE23FE C1AEA088
    DEBE23FA C1AEA088
    DEBE2386 C1AEA088
    DEBE2382 C1AEA088
    CEBE238E BCA9A088
  16. All Water Cards
    CEBE2388 BCA9A088
    DEBE238A C1AEA088
    DEBE2396 C1AEA088
    DEBE2392 C1AEA088
    DEBE239E C1AEA088
    DEBE239A C1AEA088
    DEBE23A6 C1AEA088
    DEBE23A2 C1AEA088
    DEBE23AE C1AEA088
    DEBE23AA C1AEA088
    DEBE23B6 C1AEA088
  17. All Earth Cards
    DEBE23B2 C1AEA088
    DEBE23BE C1AEA088
    DEBE23BA C1AEA088
    DEBE2346 C1AEA088
    DEBE2342 C1AEA088
    DEBE234E C1AEA088
    DEBE234A C1AEA088
    DEBE2356 C1AEA088
    DEBE2352 C1AEA088
    DEBE235E C1AEA088
    DEBE235A C1AEA088
  18. All Wind Cards
    DEBE2366 C1AEA088
    DEBE2362 C1AEA088
    DEBE236E C1AEA088
    DEBE236A C1AEA088
    DEBE2376 C1AEA088
    DEBE2372 C1AEA088
    DEBE237E C1AEA088
    DEBE237A C1AEA088
    DEBE2306 C1AEA088
    DEBE2302 C1AEA088
    DEBE230E C1AEA088
    DEBE230A C1AEA088
  19. All Item Cards
    DEBE2316 C1AEA088
    DEBE2312 C1AEA088
    DEBE231E C1AEA088
    DEBE231A C1AEA088
    DEBE2326 C1AEA088
    DEBE2322 C1AEA088
    DEBE232E C1AEA088
    DEBE232A C1AEA088
    DEBE2336 C1AEA088
    DEBE2332 C1AEA088
    DEBE233E C1AEA088
    DEBE233A C1AEA088
    DEBE23C6 C1AEA088
    DEBE23C2 C1AEA088
    DEBE23CE C1AEA088
    DEBE23CA C1AEA088
    DEBE23D6 C1AEA088
    DEBE23D2 C1AEA088
    DEBE23DE C1AEA088
    DEBE23DA C1AEA088
    DEBE23E6 C1AEA088
    DEBE23E2 C1AEA088
    DEBE23EE C1AEA088
    DEBE23EA C1AEA088
    CEBE23F6 BCA9A088
  20. All Spell Cards (A)
    CEBE23F0 BCA9A088
    DEBE23F2 C1AEA088
    DEBE22FE C1AEA088
    DEBE22FA C1AEA088
    DEBE2286 C1AEA088
    DEBE2282 C1AEA088
    DEBE228E C1AEA088
    DEBE228A C1AEA088
    DEBE2296 C1AEA088
    DEBE2292 C1AEA088
    DEBE229E C1AEA088
    DEBE229A C1AEA088
    DEBE22A6 C1AEA088
    DEBE22A2 C1AEA088
    DEBE22AE C1AEA088
    DEBE22AA C1AEA088
    DEBE22B6 C1AEA088
    DEBE22B2 C1AEA088
    DEBE22BE C1AEA088
    DEBE22BA C1AEA088
    DEBE2246 C1AEA088
    DEBE2242 C1AEA088
    DEBE224E C1AEA088
    DEBE224A C1AEA088
    DEBE2256 C1AEA088
    DEBE2252 C1AEA088
    DEBE225E C1AEA088
  21. All Spell Cards (B)
    DEBE225A C1AEA088
    DEBE2266 C1AEA088
    DEBE2262 C1AEA088
    DEBE226E C1AEA088
    DEBE226A C1AEA088
    DEBE2276 C1AEA088
    DEBE2272 C1AEA088
    DEBE227E C1AEA088
    DEBE227A C1AEA088
    DEBE2206 C1AEA088
    DEBE2202 C1AEA088
    DEBE220E C1AEA088
    DEBE220A C1AEA088
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