Action Replay Codes [US]

Disney’s Treasure Planet - Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for Disney’s Treasure Planet on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2). These codes were also known as GameShark Codes and in most cases will work on both devices.

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark (Version 1 & 2)

Master Code – Must Be On
0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
EE94000A BCD3911A

Infinite Health
DE9123CE 200D9E86

Super Jump
0EAE4538 BCA95A82
DE95AF96 F8AA5686

Hover: Press L2
0EAE4538 BCA99282
DE95AF96 F8AA4D86
0EAE4538 BCB99282
DE95AF96 F8AA5786

All Levels Unlocked
DE8AA43A E04B9B83

Clifftops-All Beacons
DE91420A BCA99B87
DE914216 BCA99B87
DE914212 BCA99B87
DE91421E BCA99B87
DE91421A BCA99B87

Ore Refinery-All Beacons
DE9141AA BCA99B87
DE9141B6 BCA99B87
DE9141B2 BCA99B87
DE9141BE BCA99B87
DE9141BA BCA99B87

Hydro Dam-All Beacons
DE9141CA BCA99B87
DE9141D6 BCA99B87
DE9141D2 BCA99B87
DE9141DE BCA99B87
DE9141DA BCA99B87

Loading Tower-All Beacons
DE91406A BCA99B87
DE914076 BCA99B87
DE914072 BCA99B87
DE91407E BCA99B87
DE91407A BCA99B87

Dockside Race-All Beacons
DE91478A BCA99B87
DE914796 BCA99B87
DE914792 BCA99B87
DE91479E BCA99B87
DE91479A BCA99B87

Crescentia Night-All Beacons
DE91472A BCA99B87
DE914736 BCA99B87
DE914732 BCA99B87
DE91473E BCA99B87
DE91473A BCA99B87

Ferry Port-All Beacons
DE91464A BCA99B87
DE914656 BCA99B87
DE914652 BCA99B87
DE91465E BCA99B87
DE91465A BCA99B87

Super Nova-All Beacons
DE9146EA BCA99B87
DE9146F6 BCA99B87
DE9146F2 BCA99B87
DE9145FE BCA99B87
DE9145FA BCA99B87

Meteor Belt-All Beacons
DE91450A BCA99B87
DE914516 BCA99B87
DE914512 BCA99B87
DE91451E BCA99B87
DE91451A BCA99B87

Arcturian Trader-All Beacons
DE9144AA BCA99B87
DE9144B6 BCA99B87
DE9144B2 BCA99B87
DE9144BE BCA99B87
DE9144BA BCA99B87

Jungle Floor-All Beacons
DE913B6A BCA99B87
DE913B76 BCA99B87
DE913B72 BCA99B87
DE913B7E BCA99B87
DE913B7A BCA99B87

Jungle Race-All Beacons
DE913A8A BCA99B87
DE913A96 BCA99B87
DE913A92 BCA99B87
DE913A9E BCA99B87
DE913A9A BCA99B87

Helium Swamp-All Beacons
DE913A2A BCA99B87
DE913A36 BCA99B87
DE913A32 BCA99B87
DE913A3E BCA99B87
DE913A3A BCA99B87

Gateway To Below-All Beacons
DE91394A BCA99B87
DE913956 BCA99B87
DE913952 BCA99B87
DE91395E BCA99B87
DE91395A BCA99B87

Rapid Descent-All Beacons
DE9139EA BCA99B87
DE9139F6 BCA99B87
DE9139F2 BCA99B87
DE9138FE BCA99B87
DE9138FA BCA99B87

The Centroid-All Beacons
DE91380A BCA99B87
DE913816 BCA99B87
DE913812 BCA99B87
DE91381E BCA99B87
DE91381A BCA99B87

Ancient Machines-All Beacons
DE913FB6 BCA99B87
DE913FB2 BCA99B87

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