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Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King – GameShark Codes

The following are known GameShark Codes for Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2).

Version 3 GameShark Codes

  1. Master Code – Must Be On
    980CADDE 78D093E9
  2. Infinite Character 1 Health
    285A952D 0CA5E485
    285A95AE 0CA5E485
    282070F7 0CA5E485
  3. Infinite Character 1 Mana
    285A9582 0CA5E485
    285A9573 0CA5E485
  4. Infinite Character 1 Experience
    185A955A 0CA57AE1
    285A95E0 9F8C883E
  5. Infinite Character 2 Health
    285A95C7 0CA5E485
    285A9515 0CA5E485
    282070F9 0CA5E485
  6. Infinite Character 2 Mana
    285A95B6 0CA5E485
    285A9519 0CA5E485
  7. Infinite Character 2 Experience
    185A9522 0CA57AE1
    285A9576 9F8C883E
  8. Infinite Character 3 Health
    285A51CF 0CA5E485
    285A5137 0CA5E485
    28207019 0CA5E485
  9. Infinite Character 3 Mana
    285A51A5 0CA5E485
    285A513A 0CA5E485
  10. Infinite Character 3 Experience
    185A51AF 0CA57AE1
    285A51DE 9F8C883E
  11. Infinite Character 4 Health
    285A512B 0CA5E485
    285A51FF 0CA5E485
    28208C37 0CA5E485
  12. Infinite Character 4 Mana
    285A517C 0CA5E485
    285A5168 0CA5E485
  13. Infinite Character 4 Experience
    185A51D6 0CA57AE1
    285A511E 9F8C883E
  14. Infinite Gold
    285A95CF 9F8C883E
  15. Maximum Character 1 Attributes
    185A95A0 0CA5E485
    185A9598 0CA5E485
    185A9588 0CA5E485
    185A9534 0CA5E485
  16. Maximum Character 1 Abilities
    185A9555 0CA5883E
  17. Maximum Character 1 Weapon Abilities
    185A95EC 0CA5E485
    185A95FF 0CA5E485
    185A954E 0CA5E485
    185A957C 0CA5E485
    185A9595 0CA5E485
  18. Maximum Character 2 Attributes
    185A51D8 0CA5E485
    185A51C0 0CA5E485
    185A51ED 0CA5E485
    185A51A6 0CA5E485
    185A51D0 0CA5E485
    185A5118 0CA5E485
  19. Maximum Character 2 Abilities
    185A9555 0CA5883E
  20. Maximum Character 2 Weapon Abilities
    185A51BB 0CA5E485
    185A5172 0CA5E485
    185A519D 0CA5E485
    185A51A1 0CA5E485
    185A5199 0CA5E485
  21. Maximum Character 3 Attributes
    185A512D 0CA5E485
    185A5128 0CA5E485
    185A51AE 0CA5E485
    185A51AD 0CA5E485
  22. Maximum Character 3 Abilities
    185A51E9 0CA5883E
  23. Maximum Character 3 Weapon Abilities
    185A5108 0CA5E485
    185A5173 0CA5E485
    185A5100 0CA5E485
    185A515A 0CA5E485
    185A51B3 0CA5E485
  24. Maximum Character 4 Attributes
    185A51F6 0CA5E485
    185A51C7 0CA5E485
    185A5115 0CA5E485
    185A518F 0CA5E485
  25. Maximum Character 4 Abilities
    185A5174 0CA5883E
  26. Maximum Character 4 Weapon Abilities
    185A51B7 0CA5E485
    185A5119 0CA5E485
    185A518A 0CA5E485
    185A5122 0CA5E485
    185A51EB 0CA5E485
  27. Maximum Inventory Items (Bag)
    485A9674 0CB87A56
    519DE5C2 0CA57A56
    485A1051 0C257A56
    519DE542 0CA57A56
    485ADAAF 0CFA7A56
    519DE555 0CA57A56
    485ADA68 0CF17A56
    519DE53F 0CA57A56
    485A15F2 0C417A56
    519DE5B6 0CA57A56
    485A1566 0C757A56
    519DEBDC 0CA57A56
    485A5951 0C217A56
    519DEB93 0CA57A56

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