GameShark Codes

Drakengard 2 – GameShark Codes

The following are known GameShark Codes for Drakengard 2 on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2).

Version 3 GameShark Codes

  1. Master Code – Must Be On
    982D3A7C 78388ADC
  2. Infinite HP
    28287D55 84D9851E
  3. Infinite MP
    28282FD8 01967A91
    28282FED 6DF1B5D4
  4. View Status For Max Gold
    2816ED40 019BF935
    2816EDD8 F7DFA03E
    2816EDED F8AA7AF1
    2816EDD0 846FA988
    282B07E0 78426965
  5. Have Quick Level Up
    28327DB1 6F422C03
  6. Have Quick Weapon Level Up
    28322F3A 6FB62C03
  7. Unlock All Weapons (View Equip Weapon Screen To Activate)
    282BE1E9 6F157A56
    282B1A51 6D41F555
    282B1A2D 40A58885
  8. Each Kill is Worth Codes

  9. 2
    283EAE51 6F497A71
  10. 10
    283EAE51 6F497A2A
  11. 50
    283EAE51 6F497AE8
  12. 100
    Each Chain is Worth Codes
    283EAE51 6F497AB1
  13. 2
    283BC6E9 6F497A71
  14. 10
    283BC6E9 6F497A2A
  15. 50
    283BC6E9 6F497AE8
  16. 100
    283BC6E9 6F497AB1

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