Action Replay Codes [US]

Dynasty Warriors 2 - Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for Dynasty Warriors 2 on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2). These codes were also known as GameShark Codes and in most cases will work on both devices.

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark (Version 1 & 2)

Master Code – Must Be On
ECB79880 1456E79B

Stage Select
1CADFBF8 1456E7A6

Character Select

Infinite Arrows
4CA63026 1456E788

Inf Health – Y.Turban (1)
1D3475C4 133EE6AD
1D31D5C4 133EE6AD
1D3105C4 133EE6AD
1D3155C4 133EE6AD
1D3165C4 133EE6AD
1D328DC4 133EE6AD
1D3295C4 133EE6AD
1D32ADC4 133EE6AD
1D32B5C4 133EE6AD

Inf Health – Y.Turban (2)
1D32C5C4 133EE6AD
1D32D5C4 133EE6AD
1D32DDC4 133EE6AD
1D32F5C4 133EE6AD
1D32FDC4 133EE6AD
1D3205C4 133EE6AD
1D320DC4 133EE6AD
1D3245C4 133EE6AD
1D32A5C4 133EE6AD
1D32C5C4 133EE6AD
1D3205C4 133EE6AD
1D3215C4 133EE6AD

Inf Musou – Y. Turban (1)
1D3475C8 133EE6AD
1D31D5C8 133EE6AD
1D3105C8 133EE6AD
1D3155C8 133EE6AD
1D3165C8 133EE6AD
1D328DC8 133EE6AD
1D3295C8 133EE6AD
1D32ADC8 133EE6AD
1D32B5C8 133EE6AD

Inf Musou – Y. Turban (2)
1D32C5C8 133EE6AD
1D32D5C8 133EE6AD
1D32DDC8 133EE6AD
1D32F5C8 133EE6AD
1D32FDC8 133EE6AD
1D3205C8 133EE6AD
1D320DC8 133EE6AD
1D3245C8 133EE6AD
1D32A5C8 133EE6AD
1D32C5C8 133EE6AD
1D3205C8 133EE6AD
1D3215C8 133EE6AD

Inf Health – Hu Lao Gate (1)
1D4EE684 133EE6AD
1D4E4684 133EE6AD
1D4E7684 133EE6AD
1D4BC684 133EE6AD
1D4BD684 133EE6AD
1D4BFE84 133EE6AD
1D4B0684 133EE6AD
1D4B1E84 133EE6AD
1D4B2684 133EE6AD
1D4B3684 133EE6AD
1D4B4684 133EE6AD

Inf Health – Hu Lao Gate (2)
1D4B4E84 133EE6AD
1D4B6684 133EE6AD
1D4B6E84 133EE6AD
1D4B7684 133EE6AD
1D4B7E84 133EE6AD
1D4CB684 133EE6AD
1D4B1684 133EE6AD
1D4B3684 133EE6AD
1D4B7684 133EE6AD
1D4C8684 133EE6AD

Inf Mosou – Hu Lao Gate (1)
1D4EE688 133EE6AD
1D4E4688 133EE6AD
1D4E7688 133EE6AD
1D4BC688 133EE6AD
1D4BD688 133EE6AD
1D4BFE88 133EE6AD
1D4B0688 133EE6AD
1D4B1E88 133EE6AD
1D4B2688 133EE6AD
1D4B3688 133EE6AD

Inf Mosou – Hu Lao Gate (2)
1D4B4688 133EE6AD
1D4B4E88 133EE6AD
1D4B6688 133EE6AD
1D4B6E88 133EE6AD
1D4B7688 133EE6AD
1D4B7E88 133EE6AD
1D4CB688 133EE6AD
1D4B1688 133EE6AD
1D4B3688 133EE6AD
1D4B7688 133EE6AD
1D4C8688 133EE6AD

Inf Health – Chang Ban (1)
1D4108C4 133EE6AD
1D4168C4 133EE6AD
1D4298C4 133EE6AD
1D42E8C4 133EE6AD
1D42F8C4 133EE6AD
1D4220C4 133EE6AD
1D4228C4 133EE6AD
1D4240C4 133EE6AD
1D4248C4 133EE6AD
1D4258C4 133EE6AD

Inf Health – Chang Ban (2)
1D4268C4 133EE6AD
1D4270C4 133EE6AD
1D4F88C4 133EE6AD
1D4F90C4 133EE6AD
1D4F98C4 133EE6AD
1D4FA0C4 133EE6AD
1D4FD8C4 133EE6AD
1D4238C4 133EE6AD
1D4258C4 133EE6AD
1D4F98C4 133EE6AD
1D4FA8C4 133EE6AD

Inf Mosou – Chang Ban (1)
1D4108C8 133EE6AD
1D4168C8 133EE6AD
1D4298C8 133EE6AD
1D42E8C8 133EE6AD
1D42F8C8 133EE6AD
1D4220C8 133EE6AD
1D4228C8 133EE6AD
1D4240C8 133EE6AD
1D4248C8 133EE6AD
1D4258C8 133EE6AD

Inf Mosou – Chang Ban (2)
1D4268C8 133EE6AD
1D4270C8 133EE6AD
1D4F88C8 133EE6AD
1D4F90C8 133EE6AD
1D4F98C8 133EE6AD
1D4FA0C8 133EE6AD
1D4FD8C8 133EE6AD
1D4238C8 133EE6AD
1D4258C8 133EE6AD
1D4F98C8 133EE6AD
1D4FA8C8 133EE6AD

Inf Health – Yi Ling (1)
1D7A6304 133EE6AD
1D67C304 133EE6AD
1D67F304 133EE6AD
1D674304 133EE6AD
1D675304 133EE6AD
1D677B04 133EE6AD
1D688304 133EE6AD
1D689B04 133EE6AD
1D68A304 133EE6AD
1D68B304 133EE6AD

Inf Health – Yi Ling (2)
1D68C304 133EE6AD
1D68CB04 133EE6AD
1D68E304 133EE6AD
1D68EB04 133EE6AD
1D68F304 133EE6AD
1D68FB04 133EE6AD
1D683304 133EE6AD
1D689304 133EE6AD
1D68B304 133EE6AD
1D68F304 133EE6AD
1D680304 133EE6AD

Inf Musou – Yi Ling (1)
1D7A6308 133EE6AD
1D67C308 133EE6AD
1D67F308 133EE6AD
1D674308 133EE6AD
1D675308 133EE6AD
1D677B08 133EE6AD
1D688308 133EE6AD
1D689B08 133EE6AD
1D68A308 133EE6AD
1D68B308 133EE6AD

Inf Musou – Yi Ling (2)
1D68C308 133EE6AD
1D68CB08 133EE6AD
1D68E308 133EE6AD
1D68EB08 133EE6AD
1D68F308 133EE6AD
1D68FB08 133EE6AD
1D683308 133EE6AD
1D689308 133EE6AD
1D68B308 133EE6AD
1D68F308 133EE6AD
1D680308 133EE6AD

Inf Health – Wu Zhang (1)
1D6DF504 133EE6AD
1D6D5504 133EE6AD
1D6E8504 133EE6AD
1D6ED504 133EE6AD
1D6EE504 133EE6AD
1D6E0D04 133EE6AD
1D6E1504 133EE6AD
1D6E2D04 133EE6AD
1D6E3504 133EE6AD
1D6E4504 133EE6AD

Inf Health – Wu Zhang (2)
1D6E5504 133EE6AD
1D6E5D04 133EE6AD
1D6E7504 133EE6AD
1D6E7D04 133EE6AD
1D6B8504 133EE6AD
1D6B8D04 133EE6AD
1D6BC504 133EE6AD
1D6E2504 133EE6AD
1D6E4504 133EE6AD
1D6B8504 133EE6AD
1D6B9504 133EE6AD

Inf Musou – Wu Zhang (1)
1D6DF508 133EE6AD
1D6D5508 133EE6AD
1D6E8508 133EE6AD
1D6ED508 133EE6AD
1D6EE508 133EE6AD
1D6E0D08 133EE6AD
1D6E1508 133EE6AD
1D6E2D08 133EE6AD
1D6E3508 133EE6AD
1D6E4508 133EE6AD

Inf Musou – Wu Zhang (2)
1D6E5508 133EE6AD
1D6E5D08 133EE6AD
1D6E7508 133EE6AD
1D6E7D08 133EE6AD
1D6B8508 133EE6AD
1D6B8D08 133EE6AD
1D6BC508 133EE6AD
1D6E2508 133EE6AD
1D6E4508 133EE6AD
1D6B8508 133EE6AD
1D6B9508 133EE6AD

Inf Health – Guan Du (1)
1D5084C4 133EE6AD
1D50E4C4 133EE6AD
1D5014C4 133EE6AD
1D5064C4 133EE6AD
1D5074C4 133EE6AD
1D4D9CC4 133EE6AD
1D4DA4C4 133EE6AD
1D4DC4C4 133EE6AD
1D4DD4C4 133EE6AD

Inf Health – Guan Du (2)
1D4DE4C4 133EE6AD
1D4D04C4 133EE6AD
1D4D0CC4 133EE6AD
1D4D14C4 133EE6AD
1D4D1CC4 133EE6AD
1D4D54C4 133EE6AD
1D4DB4C4 133EE6AD
1D4DD4C4 133EE6AD
1D4D14C4 133EE6AD
1D4D24C4 133EE6AD

Inf Musou – Guan Du (1)
1D5084C8 133EE6AD
1D50E4C8 133EE6AD
1D5014C8 133EE6AD
1D5064C8 133EE6AD
1D5074C8 133EE6AD
1D4D9CC8 133EE6AD
1D4DA4C8 133EE6AD
1D4DC4C8 133EE6AD
1D4DD4C8 133EE6AD

Inf Musou – Guan Du (2)
1D4DE4C8 133EE6AD
1D4D04C8 133EE6AD
1D4D0CC8 133EE6AD
1D4D14C8 133EE6AD
1D4D1CC8 133EE6AD
1D4D54C8 133EE6AD
1D4DB4C8 133EE6AD
1D4DD4C8 133EE6AD
1D4D14C8 133EE6AD
1D4D24C8 133EE6AD

Inf Health – Chi Bi (1)
1D67F704 133EE6AD
1D675704 133EE6AD
1D688704 133EE6AD
1D68D704 133EE6AD
1D68E704 133EE6AD
1D680F04 133EE6AD
1D681704 133EE6AD
1D682F04 133EE6AD
1D683704 133EE6AD
1D684704 133EE6AD

Inf Health – Chi Bi (2)
1D685704 133EE6AD
1D685F04 133EE6AD
1D687704 133EE6AD
1D687F04 133EE6AD
1D658704 133EE6AD
1D658F04 133EE6AD
1D65C704 133EE6AD
1D682704 133EE6AD
1D684704 133EE6AD
1D658704 133EE6AD
1D659704 133EE6AD

Inf Musou – Chi Bi (1)
1D67F708 133EE6AD
1D675708 133EE6AD
1D688708 133EE6AD
1D68D708 133EE6AD
1D68E708 133EE6AD
1D680F08 133EE6AD
1D681708 133EE6AD
1D682F08 133EE6AD
1D683708 133EE6AD
1D684708 133EE6AD

Inf Musou – Chi Bi (2)
1D685708 133EE6AD
1D686308 133EE6AD
1D687708 133EE6AD
1D687F08 133EE6AD
1D658708 133EE6AD
1D658F08 133EE6AD
1D65C708 133EE6AD
1D682708 133EE6AD
1D684708 133EE6AD
1D658708 133EE6AD
1D659708 133EE6AD

Inf Health – He Fei (1)
1D660084 133EE6AD
1D666084 133EE6AD
1D639084 133EE6AD
1D63E084 133EE6AD
1D63F084 133EE6AD
1D631884 133EE6AD
1D632084 133EE6AD
1D633884 133EE6AD
1D634084 133EE6AD
1D635084 133EE6AD

Inf Health – He Fei (2)
1D636084 133EE6AD
1D636884 133EE6AD
1D638084 133EE6AD
1D648884 133EE6AD
1D649084 133EE6AD
1D649884 133EE6AD
1D64D084 133EE6AD
1D633084 133EE6AD
1D635084 133EE6AD
1D649084 133EE6AD
1D64A084 133EE6AD

Inf Musou – He Fei (1)
1D660088 133EE6AD
1D666088 133EE6AD
1D639088 133EE6AD
1D63E088 133EE6AD
1D63F088 133EE6AD
1D631888 133EE6AD
1D632088 133EE6AD
1D633888 133EE6AD
1D634088 133EE6AD
1D635088 133EE6AD

Inf Musou – He Fei (2)
1D636088 133EE6AD
1D636888 133EE6AD
1D638088 133EE6AD
1D648888 133EE6AD
1D649088 133EE6AD
1D649888 133EE6AD
1D64D088 133EE6AD
1D633088 133EE6AD
1D635088 133EE6AD
1D649088 133EE6AD
1D64A088 133EE6AD

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