GameShark Codes

Ephemeral Fantasia – GameShark Codes

The following are known GameShark Codes for Ephemeral Fantasia on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2).

  1. Master Code – Must Be On
    ECB6C71C 1456E60A
  2. Infinite Cash
    1CAE405C 14BE598C
    1CF60054 14BE598C
  3. No Random Battles
    4CAA20C6 1456E7A5
  4. Quick Level Up Mouse
    4CF43118 1456B00C
    4CF60A50 1456B00C
    4CA35688 1456B00C
  5. Maximum Str Mouse
    4CF6F3A8 1456E404
  6. Maximum Sp Mouse
    4CF6F3A6 1456E404
  7. Maximum Dex Mouse
    4CF6F3AC 1456E404
  8. Maximum Att Mouse
    4CF6F3AA 1456E404
  9. Maximum Def Mouse
    4CF6F3B0 1456E404
  10. Maximum Mag Mouse
    4CF6F3AE 1456E404
  11. Maximum Mag Def Mouse
    4CF6F3B4 1456E404
  12. Quick Level Up Party
    4CF6004C 1456B00C
    4CAE407C 1456B00C
    4CAE3AF4 1456B00C
  13. Quick Level Up of Second Character
    4CF43078 1456B00C
    4CF60A64 1456B00C
    4CA3568C 1456B00C
  14. Maximum Pattimo
    4CF6F3CA 1456E7A1
    4CF42788 1456E7A2
  15. All Items Part 1
    4CAE4158 1456E72E
    4CF6FEEC 1456E72E
    1CF6FEF0 1853E5A6
    1CF6FEF4 0C57E9A2
    1CF6FEF8 104BDD9E
    1CF6FEFC 044FE19A
    1CF6FE00 0843D5B6
    1CF6FE04 FC47D9B2
    1CF6FE08 003BCDAE
    1CF6FE0C 343FD1AA
    1CF6FE10 383305C6
    1CF6FE14 2C3709C2
    1CF6FE18 302BFDBE
    1CF6FE1C 242F01BA
    1CF6FE20 2823F5D6
    1CF6FE24 1C27F9D2
    1CF60128 201BEDCE
    1CF6012C D41FF1CA
    1CF60130 D8932566
    1CF60134 CC972962

    Note: Do not use with Infinite Items Codes

  16. All Items Part 2
    1CF60138 D08B1D5E
    1CF6013C C48F215A
    1CF60140 C8831576
    1CF60144 BC871972
    1CF60148 C07B0D6E
    1CF6014C F47F116A
    1CF60150 F8734586
    1CF60154 EC774982
    1CF60158 F06B3D7E
    1CF6015C E46F417A
    1CF60160 E8633596
    1CF60164 DC673992
    1CF60168 E05B2D8E
    1CF6016C 945F318A
    1CF60170 98D36526
    1CF60174 8CD76922
    1CF60178 90CB5D1E
    1CF6017C 84CF611A
    1CF60180 88C35536
    1CF60184 7CC75932
    3CF60188 1456E72E

    Note: Do not use with Infinite Items Codes

  17. Infinite Items on Pickup Part 1
    1CF6EE58 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE5C 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE60 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE64 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE68 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE6C 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE70 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE74 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE78 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE7C 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE80 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE84 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE88 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE8C 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE90 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE94 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE98 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE9C 13DFE60C
    1CF6EEA0 13DFE60C
    1CF6EEA4 13DFE60C
  18. Infinite Items on Pickup Part 2
    1CF6EEA8 13DFE60C
    1CF6EEAC 13DFE60C
    1CF6EEB0 13DFE60C
    1CF6EEB4 13DFE60C
    1CF6EEB8 13DFE60C
    1CF6EEBC 13DFE60C
    1CF6EEC0 13DFE60C
    1CF6EEC4 13DFE60C
    1CF6EEC8 13DFE60C
    1CF6EECC 13DFE60C
    1CF6EED0 13DFE60C
    1CF6EED4 13DFE60C
    1CF6EED8 13DFE60C
    1CF6EEDC 13DFE60C
    1CF6EEE0 13DFE60C
    1CF6EEE4 13DFE60C
    1CF6EEE8 13DFE60C
    1CF6EEEC 13DFE60C
    1CF6EEF0 13DFE60C
    1CF6EEF4 13DFE60C
  19. Infinite Items on Pickup Part 3
    1CF6EEF8 13DFE60C
    1CF6EEFC 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE00 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE04 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE08 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE0C 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE10 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE14 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE18 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE1C 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE20 13DFE60C
    1CF6EE24 13DFE60C
    1CF6F128 13DFE60C
    1CF6F12C 13DFE60C
    1CF6F130 13DFE60C
    1CF6F134 13DFE60C
    1CF6F138 13DFE60C
    1CF6F13C 13DFE60C
    1CF6F140 13DFE60C
    1CF6F144 13DFE60C
  20. Infinite Items on Pickup Part 4
    1CF6F148 13DFE60C
    1CF6F14C 13DFE60C
    1CF6F150 13DFE60C
    1CF6F154 13DFE60C
    1CF6F158 13DFE60C
    1CF6F15C 13DFE60C
    1CF6F160 13DFE60C
    1CF6F164 13DFE60C
    1CF6F168 13DFE60C
    1CF6F16C 13DFE60C
    1CF6F170 13DFE60C
    1CF6F174 13DFE60C
    1CF6F178 13DFE60C
    1CF6F17C 13DFE60C
    1CF6F180 13DFE60C
    1CF6F184 13DFE60C

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