Action Replay Codes [US]

ESPN X Games Skateboarding - Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for ESPN X Games Skateboarding on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2). These codes were also known as GameShark Codes and in most cases will work on both devices.

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark (Version 1 & 2)

Master Code – Must Be On
EC8A17A0 14439B6C

Unlock All Boards
7C1EEE38 144EE7A6
3D988229 1456E7A5
4C1EEE58 1456E6A6

Huge Score
4D5295EC 1456B00C

Full Special Meter
4D529744 1456E6B9

Max Combo
0D5295F8 1436E7A8
3D5295F8 1456E788

Easy Crash Targets
0D5295E2 1456E7A6
4D5295E2 1456E7A2

Easy Checkpoints
0D5295E8 1456E7A6
4D5295E8 1456E7A3

P1 Is Jughead
3C1EFB78 1456E79D

P1 Is Bartender John
3C1EFB78 1456E79E

P1 Is Evil Carrot-Top
3C1EFB78 1456E79F

P1 Is Chaquita
3C1EFB78 1456E7A0

P1 Is Gov. Ventura
3C1EFB78 1456E799

P1 Is Carrot-Top
3C1EFB78 1456E79A

P1 Is Mr. Gallagher
3C1EFB78 1456E79B

P1 Is Alien
3C1EFB78 1456E7B5

P1 Is Bighead Bob
3C1EFB78 1456E7B7

P1 Is Bighead Carlos
3C1EFB78 1456E7B8

P1 Is Bighead Chad
3C1EFB78 1456E7B1

P1 Is Bighead Chris
3C1EFB78 1456E7B2

P1 Is Bighead Colin
3C1EFB78 1456E7B3

P1 Is Bighead Kerry
3C1EFB78 1456E7B4

P1 Is Bighead Lincoln
3C1EFB78 1456E7AD

P1 Is Bighead Rick
3C1EFB78 1456E7AE

P1 Is Padded Skater
3C1EFB78 1456E7C1

P1 Is Helmet Skater
3C1EFB78 1456E7C4

P2 Is Jughead
3C1EFB79 1456E79D

P2 Is Bartender John
3C1EFB79 1456E79E

P2 Is Evil Carrot-Top
3C1EFB79 1456E79F

P2 Is Chaquita
3C1EFB79 1456E7A0

P2 Is Gov. Ventura
3C1EFB79 1456E799

P2 Is Carrot-Top
3C1EFB79 1456E79A

P2 Is Mr. Gallagher
3C1EFB79 1456E79B

P2 Is Alien
3C1EFB79 1456E7B5

P2 Is Bighead Bob
3C1EFB79 1456E7B7

P2 Is Bighead Carlos
3C1EFB79 1456E7B8

P2 Is Bighead Chad
3C1EFB79 1456E7B1

P2 Is Bighead Chris
3C1EFB79 1456E7B2

P2 Is Bighead Colin
3C1EFB79 1456E7B3

P2 Is Bighead Kerry
3C1EFB79 1456E7B4

P2 Is Bighead Lincoln
3C1EFB79 1456E7AD

P2 Is Bighead Rick
3C1EFB79 1456E7AE

P2 Is Padded Skater
3C1EFB79 1456E7C1

P2 Is Helmet Skater
3C1EFB79 1456E7C4

These codes have been collected from around the web and all credit goes to the original poster of the code. Notes associated with any code may be written by the original code creator. Some notes have been added or modified from their original source.

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