Action Replay Codes [US]

Extermination - Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for Extermination on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2). These codes were also known as GameShark Codes and in most cases will work on both devices.

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark (Version 1 & 2)

Master Code – Must Be On
EC8D3170 1445DC6C

Infinite Health
4C188B7E 145625DD
4C1887F6 145625DD

0% Infection
4C1887FE 1456E7A5
4C188B82 1456E7A5

Low Time
1C188878 1456E7A5

Have All Maps
1C188FE0 1355E6A6
1C188FE4 1355E6A6
4C188FE8 1456E6A6
3C188FE6 1456E7A6

Infinite Ammo Machinegun
4C188FDC 1456089C

No Reloads M.Gun
3C188F86 1456E70C

Infinite Shotgun Shells
4C188FD0 1456089C

Infinite Grenade Rounds
4C188FCE 1456089C

Infinite F.Thrower Fuel
1C188FD4 1473E788

No Reload F.Thrower
4C188FD2 1456E788

Infinite Rockets
4C188FD8 1456089C

Infinite Battery
3C188FD6 1456E7D5
3C188FDB 1456E7D5

All Weapon Parts
1C188F8C 1355E6A6
1C188F90 1355E6A6
1C188F94 1355E6A6
1C188F98 1355E6A6

Have Climbing Spikes
3C188FA5 1456E7A6

Have Arctic Parka
3C188FA2 1456E7A6

All Dennis’ Memos
3C188FE7 1456E7A6
1C188FEC 1355E6A6
1C188FF0 1355E6A6
1C188FF4 1355E6A6
1C188FF8 1355E6A6
1C188FFC 1355E6A6
1C188F00 1355E6A6
1C188F04 1355E6A6
4C188F08 1456E6A6
3C188F06 1456E7A6

All Ops Manuals
3C188F07 1456E7A6
1C188F0C 1355E6A6
1C188F10 1355E6A6
1C188F14 1355E6A6
1C188F18 1355E6A6
3C188F1C 1456E7A6

All Staff Logs
3C188F1D 1456E7A6
4C188F1A 1456E6A6
1C188F20 1355E6A6
1C188F24 1355E6A6
1C188E28 1355E6A6
1C188E2C 1355E6A6
4C188E30 1456E6A6
3C188E2E 1456E7A6

All Classified Files
3C188E2F 1456E7A6
1C188E34 1355E6A6
1C188E38 1355E6A6
1C188E3C 1355E6A6
1C188E40 1355E6A6
1C188E44 1355E6A6

All Top Secret Files
1C188E48 1355E6A6
1C188E4C 1355E6A6
1C188E50 1355E6A6
1C188E54 1355E6A6

Infinite Recovery Unit A
3C188FA6 1456E788

Infinite Recovery Unit B
3C188FA7 1456E788

Infinite MTS Vaccine
3C188FAC 1456E788

Infinite Booster Type A
3C188FAD 1456E788

Infinite Booster Type B
3C188FAA 1456E788

Have Card Key Alpha
3C188FAB 1456E7A6

Have Snow Truck Key
3C188FB1 1456E7A6

Have Train Key
3C188FAE 1456E7A6

3C188FAF 1456E7A6

Have Gary’s Bomb
3C188FB4 1456E7A6

Have Metal Tag 1
3C188FB5 1456E7A6

Have Metal Tag 2
3C188FB2 1456E7A6

3C188FB3 1456E7A6

Have Roger’s Knife
3C188FB8 1456E7A6

Have Dog Tag
3C188FB9 1456E7A6

Have Dog Tag 2
3C188FB6 1456E7A6

Have Dog Tag 3
3C188FB7 1456E7A6

Have Dog Tag 4
3C188FBC 1456E7A6

Have Dog Tag 5
3C188FBD 1456E7A6

Have Dog Tag 6
3C188FBA 1456E7A6

Have Dog Tag 7
3C188FBB 1456E7A6

Have Dog Tag 8
3C188FC0 1456E7A6

Have Dog Tag 9
3C188FC1 1456E7A6

Have Dog Tag 10
3C188FBE 1456E7A6

Have Dog Tag 11
3C188FBF 1456E7A6

Have Dog Tag 12
3C188FC4 1456E7A6

Have Dog Tag 13
3C188FC5 1456E7A6

Have Dog Tag 14
3C188FC2 1456E7A6

Have Dog Tag 15
3C188FC3 1456E7A6

Me So Thorny
0C188FCC 1446B0A7
4C188FCC 1456B00C

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