Action Replay Codes [US]

Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland - Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2). These codes were also known as GameShark Codes and in most cases will work on both devices.

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark (Version 1 & 2)

Master Code – Must Be On
ECB7FBB0 14468B5C

Never Tired
1CB1FB58 F87AE781

Infinite Money
1CB1FB8C 17E9C70C

Infinite Fodder
3CB1FB60 1456E788

Infinite Potato Seeds
3C1425FF 1456E788

Infinite Tomato Seeds
3C142504 1456E788

Infinite Corn Seeds
3C142505 1456E788

Infinite Breadruit Seeds
3C142502 1456E788

Have Sickle
3C142558 1456E776

Have Super Sickle
3C142559 1456E777

Have Hoe
3C142556 1456E778

Have Watering Can
3C142557 1456E771

Have Potato Seeds
3C14255C 1456E7D0

Have Tomato Seeds
3C14255D 1456E7C9

Have Corn Seeds
3C14255A 1456E7CA

Have Breadfruit Seed
3C14255B 1456E7CB

Have Fishing Rod
3C142560 1456E772

Have Brush
3C142561 1456E773

Have Milker
3C14255E 1456E774

Have Miracle Cow Pot
3C14255F 1456E76D

Have Animal Medicine
3C142564 1456E76E

Have Flute
3C142565 1456E76F

Have S. Fishing Rod
3C142562 1456E770

Have Silver Fish Rod
3C142563 1456E769

Have Potato
3C142568 1456E7A5

Have Tomato
3C142569 1456E7A6

Have Corn
3C142566 1456E7A7

Have Breadfruit
3C142567 1456E7A8

Have Egg
3C14256C 1456E7A1

Have Golden Egg
3C14256D 1456E7A2

Have Milk S
3C14256A 1456E7A3

Have Milk M
3C14256B 1456E7A4

Have Milk L
3C142570 1456E79D

Have Golden Milk
3C142571 1456E79E

Have Very Berry
3C14256E 1456E79F

Have Cranberry
3C14256F 1456E7A0

Have Blueberry
3C142574 1456E799

Have Walnut
3C142575 1456E79A

Have Mushroom
3C142572 1456E79B

Have F. Moon Berry
3C142573 1456E79C

Have Herb
3C142578 1456E7B5

Have Medicinal Herb
3C142579 1456E7B6

Have Small Fish
3C142576 1456E7B7

Have Medium Fish
3C142577 1456E7B8

Have Large Fish
3C14257C 1456E7B1

Have Pontata Root
3C14257D 1456E7B2

Have Rice Ball
3C14257A 1456E7B3

Have Sandwich
3C14257B 1456E7B4

Have Soft Bread
3C142580 1456E7AD

Have Honey
3C142581 1456E7AE

Have Yogurt
3C14257E 1456E7AF

Have Flan
3C14257F 1456E7B0

Have Cheese
3C142584 1456E7A9

Have Cake
3C142585 1456E7AA

Have Cheesecake
3C142582 1456E7AB

Have Pancakes
3C142583 1456E7AC

Have Cooked Fish
3C142588 1456E7C5

Have Plain Omelet
3C142589 1456E7C6

Have Boiled Egg
3C142586 1456E7C7

Have Sunny-Side Up
3C142587 1456E7C8

Have Creamy Soup
3C14258C 1456E7C1

Have All Purpose Med
3C14258D 1456E7C2

Have Very Berry Jam
3C14258A 1456E7C3

Have Cranberry Jam
3C14258B 1456E7C4

Have Blueberry Jam
3C142590 1456E7BD

Have Mixed Jam
3C142591 1456E7BE

Have Hot Milk
3C14258E 1456E7BF

Have Cream Of Corn
3C14258F 1456E7C0

Have Cream Of Tomato
3C142594 1456E7B9

Have Cream Of Mush
3C142595 1456E7BA

Have Cheese Omelet
3C142592 1456E7BB

Have Mixed Omelet
3C142593 1456E7BC

Have Fruit Omelet
3C142598 1456E7D5

Have Bouillabaisse
3C142599 1456E7D6

Have Fish w/Cream
3C142596 1456E7D7

Have Grilled Fish
3C142597 1456E7D8

Have Fruit Flan
3C14259C 1456E7D1

Have Special Cheese
3C14259D 1456E7D2

Have Sp. Cheesecake
3C14259A 1456E7D3

Have Fruit Cake
3C14259B 1456E7D4

Have Honey Cake
3C1425A0 1456E7CD

Have Nasty Food
3C1425A1 1456E7CE

Have Weed
3C14259E 1456E7CC

Have Moondrop Flower
3C14259F 1456E765

Have Pink-Cat-Mint
3C1425A4 1456E766

Have Copper Ore
3C1425A5 1456E767

Have Iron Ore
3C1425A2 1456E768

Have Blue Rock
3C1425A3 1456E761

Have Rare Metal
3C1425A8 1456E762

Have Moonlight Stone
3C1425A9 1456E763

Have Lime Stone
3C1425A6 1456E764

Have Fodder
3C1425A7 1456E75D

Have Chicken Feed
3C1425AC 1456E7CF

Have King of Lake
3C1425AD 1456E775

Have Blue Mist Seed
3C1425AA 1456E75C

Have Tim’s Map
3C1425B0 1456E75E

Have Grandma Recipe
3C1425B1 1456E75F

Have Magic Book
3C1425AE 1456E760

Have Lucky Charm
3C1425AF 1456E759

Have Silk Thread
3C1425B4 1456E75A

Have Rainbow Fabric
3C1425B5 1456E75B

Have Magic Petal
3C1425B2 1456E787

Season Is Spring
3C14251B 1456E7A5

Season Is Summer
3C14251B 1456E7A6

Season Is Fall
3C14251B 1456E7A7

Season Is Winter
3C14251B 1456E7A8

Time Is Midnight
4C14251C 1456CFA5

Time Is 1 AM
4C14251C 1456E6A5

Time Is 2 AM
4C14251C 1456E5A5

Time Is 3 AM
4C14251C 1456E4A5

Time Is 4 AM
4C14251C 1456EBA5

Time Is 5 AM
4C14251C 1456EAA5

Time Is 6 AM
4C14251C 1456E9A5

Time Is 7 AM
4C14251C 1456E8A5

Time Is 8 AM
4C14251C 1456DFA5

Time Is 9 AM
4C14251C 1456DEA5

Time Is 10 AM
4C14251C 1456DDA5

Time Is 11 AM
4C14251C 1456DCA5

Time Is Noon
4C14251C 1456E3A5

Time Is 1 PM
4C14251C 1456E2A5

Time Is 2 PM
4C14251C 1456E1A5

Time Is 3 PM
4C14251C 1456E0A5

Time Is 4 PM
4C14251C 1456D7A5

Time Is 5 PM
4C14251C 1456D6A5

Time Is 6 PM
4C14251C 1456D5A5

Time Is 7 PM
4C14251C 1456D4A5

Time Is 8 PM
4C14251C 1456DBA5

Time Is 9 PM
4C14251C 1456DAA5

Time Is 10 PM
4C14251C 1456D9A5

Time Is 11 PM
4C14251C 1456D8A5

Date Is 1st
3C14251A 1456E7A6

Date Is 2nd
3C14251A 1456E7A7

Date Is 3rd
3C14251A 1456E7A8

Date Is 4th
3C14251A 1456E7A1

Date Is 5th
3C14251A 1456E7A2

Date Is 6th
3C14251A 1456E7A3

Date Is 7th
3C14251A 1456E7A4

Date Is 8th
3C14251A 1456E79D

Date Is 9th
3C14251A 1456E79E

Date Is 10th
3C14251A 1456E79F

Date Is 11th
3C14251A 1456E7A0

Date Is 12th
3C14251A 1456E799

Date Is 13th
3C14251A 1456E79A

Date Is 14th
3C14251A 1456E79B

Date Is 15th
3C14251A 1456E79C

Date Is 16th
3C14251A 1456E7B5

Date Is 17th
3C14251A 1456E7B6

Date Is 18th
3C14251A 1456E7B7

Date Is 19th
3C14251A 1456E7B8

Date Is 20th
3C14251A 1456E7B1

Date Is 21th
3C14251A 1456E7B2

Date Is 22th
3C14251A 1456E7B3

Date Is 23th
3C14251A 1456E7B4

Date Is 24th
3C14251A 1456E7AD

Date Is 25th
3C14251A 1456E7AE

Date Is 26th
3C14251A 1456E7AF

Date Is 27th
3C14251A 1456E7B0

Date Is 28th
3C14251A 1456E7A9

Date Is 29th
3C14251A 1456E7AA

Date Is 30th
3C14251A 1456E7AB

Equipped Item Is…

3CB1FB6C 1456E776

Super Sickle
3CB1FB6C 1456E777

3CB1FB6C 1456E778

Watering Can
3CB1FB6C 1456E771

Potato Seeds
3CB1FB6C 1456E7D0

Tomato Seeds
3CB1FB6C 1456E7C9

Corn Seeds
3CB1FB6C 1456E7CA

Breadfruit Seeds
3CB1FB6C 1456E7CB

Fishing Rod
3CB1FB6C 1456E772

3CB1FB6C 1456E773

3CB1FB6C 1456E774

Miracle Cow Potion
3CB1FB6C 1456E76D

Animal Medicine
3CB1FB6C 1456E76E

3CB1FB6C 1456E76F

Super Fishing Rod
3CB1FB6C 1456E770

Rod For Silver Fish
3CB1FB6C 1456E769

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