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I-Ninja – GameShark Codes

The following are known GameShark Codes for I-Ninja on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2).

  1. Master Code – Must Be On
    9450B2E8 B3E61F72

  2. Infinite Health
    24D2F368 24B4455C
    24D2F368 24B4457C

  3. Infinite Coinage
    2400B878 BC3405FE

  4. Infinite Continues
    2400B978 BC34055E

  5. Infinite Ninja Stars
    2400B878 BC3405DE

  6. Infinite Hi-Explosive Darts
    2400BB78 BC34054E

  7. Have a Massive Score
    2403F9C6 FC254C4E

  8. Have Massive Kill Count
    2400BB78 BC3405EE

  9. Have All Grades
    2480B068 343445EC

  10. Unlock All Rage Abilities
    2411F368 343405CC

  11. Always Have All Rage Abilities
    249AA3E8 7424457

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