GameShark Codes

Jak II – GameShark Codes

The following are known GameShark Codes for Jak II on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2).

  1. Master Code – Must Be On
    F450B62A 7A74451E
    249101E2 10F6D3C9
    249001EA 91F69BE1
    249A514A 14F5D3D8
    248211C8 10D6D3F9
    24C1BC36 BBFE0A64
  2. Infinite: Health
    2490B268 14B04388
  3. Infinite: Ammo
    24903428 14304508
  4. Infinite: Dark Eco
    249C9408 2431D31C
  5. Infinite: Metal Head Skull Gems
    240CD63E ED3ADBAE
    240CD63E ED3ADB9E
  6. Infinite: Precursor Orbs
    240CD63E ED3ADBBE
    240CD43E ED3ADB0E
  7. Infinite: Health (3rd Titan Suit)
    248319CA 8454D348
    249811E8 8474D362
    2406194E 997ED352
    248219CA 0454D379
    25A19D77 33BE88D0
  8. Infinite: Air (3rd Titan Suit)
    249108F0 15FE9341
    249110E8 04F5D360
    249110E8 00F5D358
    24061058 98F6DB7A
    249918C8 0CD5D3C9
    25A1BE32 39BE9CA0
  9. Infinite: Health (Drill Platform)
    249109E8 147692C9
    249111E8 0475D3E8
    24151142 106692D0
    248819CE 8C5593F9
    24E13A36 933E0AB0
  10. Infinite: Health (Gun Turret)
    24010AFA B5761CC5

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