Action Replay Codes [US]

Kengo: Master of Bushido - Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for Kengo: Master of Bushido on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2). These codes were also known as GameShark Codes and in most cases will work on both devices.

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark (Version 1 & 2)

Master Code – Must Be On
EC8784D0 1456E60A

Easy 1st Lesson
3C890260 1456E7A2

Easy 2nd Lesson
3CC01F40 1456E79F

Easy 3rd Lesson
3C890234 1456E7A2

Easy Strike Post
4CA25C64 1456E7A5

Easy Waterfall
4CAF96CA 14562BA5

Easy Zen Meditation
1CA42748 A1F84981

Infinite Health-P1
4C8940A6 1456F025

Max Ki – P1
4C8940B0 1456D7A5

No Ki – P1
4C8940B0 1456E7A5

1 Hit Win – P1
0CB5DDE6 1426E70C
4CB5DDE6 1456E70C

Infinite Health-P2
4CB5DDE6 1456F025

Max Ki – P2
4CB5DDF0 1456D7A5

No Ki – P2
4CB5DDF0 1456E7A5

1 Hit Win – P2
0C8940A6 1426E70C
4C8940A6 1456E70C

Max Attack Power
4CC0EBFA 1456089C
4CC0EBF4 1456089C

Max Attack Speed
4CC0EBF2 1456089C
4CC0EBEC 1456089C

Max Agility
4CC0EBF8 1456089C
4CC0EBEA 1456089C

Max Insight
4CC0EBF6 1456089C
4CC0EBF0 1456089C

Max Spirit
4CC0EBFC 1456089C
4CC0EBEE 1456089C

Blur Mode
1C8DE790 144EE79D

Naka Tiny Size
1CA4ADE0 22D6E7A5

Naka Small Size
1CA4ADE0 2126E7A5

Naka Larger Size
1CA4ADE0 2116E7A5

Naka Huge Size
1CA4ADE0 D496E7A5

Hyuga Tiny Size
1CA4ADE4 22D6E7A5

Hyuga Small Size
1CA4ADE4 2126E7A5

Hyuga Larger Size
1CA4ADE4 2116E7A5

Hyuga Huge Size
1CA4ADE4 D496E7A5

Yoshi Tiny Size
1CA4ADE8 22D6E7A5

Yoshi Small Size
1CA4ADE8 2126E7A5

Yoshi Larger Size
1CA4ADE8 2116E7A5

Yoshi Huge Size
1CA4ADE8 D496E7A5

Moro Tiny Size
1CA4ADF0 22D6E7A5

Moro Small Size
1CA4ADF0 2126E7A5

Moro Larger Size
1CA4ADF0 2116E7A5

Moro Huge Size
1CA4ADF0 D496E7A5

Matsui Tiny Size

Matsui Small Size
1CA4ADFC 2126E7A5

Matsui Larger Size
1CA4ADFC 2116E7A5

Matsui Huge Size

Tanabe Tiny Size
1CA4AD08 22D6E7A5

Tanabe Small Size
1CA4AD08 2126E7A5

Tanabe Larger Size
1CA4AD08 2116E7A5

Tanabe Huge Size
1CA4AD08 D496E7A5

Kiriga Tiny Size
1CA4AD14 22D6E7A5

Kiriga Small Size
1CA4AD14 2126E7A5

Kiriga Larger Size
1CA4AD14 2116E7A5

Kiriga Huge Size
1CA4AD14 D496E7A5

Takagi Tiny Size
1CA4AD20 22D6E7A5

Takagi Small Size
1CA4AD20 2126E7A5

Takagi Larger Size
1CA4AD20 2116E7A5

Takagi Huge Size
1CA4AD20 D496E7A5

Suzu Tiny Size
1CA4AC2C 22D6E7A5

Suzu Small Size
1CA4AC2C 2126E7A5

Suzu Larger Size
1CA4AC2C 2116E7A5

Suzu Huge Size
1CA4AC2C D496E7A5

Shirai Tiny Size
1CA4AC38 22D6E7A5

Shirai Small Size
1CA4AC38 2126E7A5

Shirai Larger Size
1CA4AC38 2116E7A5

Shirai Huge Size
1CA4AC38 D496E7A5

Nimura Tiny Size
1CA4AC44 22D6E7A5

Nimura Small Size
1CA4AC44 2126E7A5

Nimura Larger Size
1CA4AC44 2116E7A5

Nimura Huge Size
1CA4AC44 D496E7A5

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