Action Replay Codes [US]

NFL 2K2 - Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for NFL 2K2 on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2). These codes were also known as GameShark Codes and in most cases will work on both devices.

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark (Version 1 & 2)

Master Code – Must Be On
EC87CCC8 1443780C

HT Scores 100
3C0410D0 1456E781
3C01C870 1456E781
3C0FAF74 1456E781
3C0FB9F0 1456E781

HT Scores 0
3C0410D0 1456E7A5
3C01C870 1456E7A5
3C0FAF74 1456E7A5
3C0FB9F0 1456E7A5

HT Infinite Timeouts
4C0410D4 1456E7A8

HT 0 Timeouts
4C0410D4 1456E7A5

AT Scores 100
3C0410E4 1456E781
3C01C878 1456E781
3C0FAF84 1456E781
3C0FB9DC 1456E781

AT Scores 0
3C0410E4 1456E7A5
3C01C878 1456E7A5
3C0FAF84 1456E7A5
3C0FB9DC 1456E7A5

AT Inf Timeouts
4C0410E8 1456E7A8

AT 0 Timeouts
4C0410E8 1456E7A5

Start On 2nd Quarter
4C0D7758 1456E7A7

Start On 3rd Quarter
4C0D7758 1456E7A8

Start On 4th Quarter
4C0D7758 1456E7A1

Created Slot 1 Max Stats
1C6896B0 F87A4B81
1C6896B4 F87A4B81
1C6896B8 F87A4B81
1C6896BC F87A4B81
1C6896C0 F87A4B81
1C6896C4 F87A4B81
1C6896C8 F87A4B81
1C6896CC F87A4B81
1C6896D0 F87A4B81

Created Slot 2 Max Stats
1C689980 F87A4B81
1C689984 F87A4B81
1C689988 F87A4B81
1C68998C F87A4B81
1C689990 F87A4B81
1C689994 F87A4B81
1C689998 F87A4B81
1C68999C F87A4B81
1C6899A0 F87A4B81

Created Slot 3 Max Stats
1C689850 F87A4B81
1C689854 F87A4B81
1C689858 F87A4B81
1C68985C F87A4B81
1C689860 F87A4B81
1C689864 F87A4B81
1C689868 F87A4B81
1C68986C F87A4B81
1C689870 F87A4B81

Created Slot 4 Max Stats
1C689820 F87A4B81
1C689824 F87A4B81
1C689B28 F87A4B81
1C689B2C F87A4B81
1C689B30 F87A4B81
1C689B34 F87A4B81
1C689B38 F87A4B81
1C689B3C F87A4B81
1C689B40 F87A4B81

Created Slot 5 Max Stats
1C689BF0 F87A4B81
1C689BF4 F87A4B81
1C689BF8 F87A4B81
1C689BFC F87A4B81
1C689B00 F87A4B81
1C689B04 F87A4B81
1C689B08 F87A4B81
1C689B0C F87A4B81
1C689B10 F87A4B81

Created Slot 6 Max Stats
1C689AC0 F87A4B81
1C689AC4 F87A4B81
1C689AC8 F87A4B81
1C689ACC F87A4B81
1C689AD0 F87A4B81
1C689AD4 F87A4B81
1C689AD8 F87A4B81
1C689ADC F87A4B81
1C689AE0 F87A4B81

Created Slot 7 Max Stats
1C689D90 F87A4B81
1C689D94 F87A4B81
1C689D98 F87A4B81
1C689D9C F87A4B81
1C689DA0 F87A4B81
1C689DA4 F87A4B81
1C689DA8 F87A4B81
1C689DAC F87A4B81
1C689DB0 F87A4B81

Created Slot 8 Max Stats
1C689C60 F87A4B81
1C689C64 F87A4B81
1C689C68 F87A4B81
1C689C6C F87A4B81
1C689C70 F87A4B81
1C689C74 F87A4B81
1C689C78 F87A4B81
1C689C7C F87A4B81
1C689C80 F87A4B81

Created Slot 9 Max Stats
1C689F30 F87A4B81
1C689F34 F87A4B81
1C689F38 F87A4B81
1C689F3C F87A4B81
1C689F40 F87A4B81
1C689F44 F87A4B81
1C689F48 F87A4B81
1C689F4C F87A4B81
1C689F50 F87A4B81

Created Slot 10 Max Stats
1C689F00 F87A4B81
1C689F04 F87A4B81
1C689F08 F87A4B81
1C689F0C F87A4B81
1C689F10 F87A4B81
1C689F14 F87A4B81
1C689F18 F87A4B81
1C689F1C F87A4B81
1C689F20 F87A4B81

Created Slot 1 20 feet tall
4C6896AA 1456E715

Created Slot 2 20 feet tall
4C68997A 1456E715

Created Slot 3 20 feet tall
4C68984A 1456E715

Created Slot 4 20 feet tall
4C68981A 1456E715

Created Slot 5 20 feet tall
4C689BEA 1456E715

Created Slot 6 20 feet tall
4C689ABA 1456E715

Created Slot 7 20 feet tall
4C689D8A 1456E715

Created Slot 8 20 feet tall
4C689C5A 1456E715

Created Slot 9 20 feet tall
4C689F2A 1456E715

Created Slot 10 20 feet tall
4C689FFA 1456E715

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