Action Replay Codes [US]

NHL Hitz 20-02 - Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for NHL Hitz 20-02 on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2). These codes were also known as GameShark Codes and in most cases will work on both devices.

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark (Version 1 & 2)

Master Code – Must Be On
ECAF51A0 141B01F4

Home Scores 0
4D72AA64 1456E7A5

Home Scores 15
4D72AA64 1456E79C

Away Scores 0
4D72AA68 1456E7A5

Away Scores 15
4D72AA68 1456E79C

Infinite Turbo P1
4D72AAF6 145625DD

Infinite Turbo P2
4D72AAFA 145625DD

Infinite Turbo P3
4D72AAFE 145625DD

Infinite Turbo P4
4D72AA02 145625DD

Infinite Turbo P5
4D72AA06 145625DD

Infinite Turbo P6
4D72AA0A 145625DD

Infinite Turbo P7
4D72AA0E 145625DD

Infinite Turbo P8
4D72AA12 145625DD

No Turbo P1
4D72AAF6 1456E7A5

No Turbo P2
4D72AAFA 1456E7A5

No Turbo P3
4D72AAFE 1456E7A5

No Turbo P4
4D72AA02 1456E7A5

No Turbo P5
4D72AA06 1456E7A5

No Turbo P6
4D72AA0A 1456E7A5

No Turbo P7
4D72AA0E 1456E7A5

No Turbo P8
4D72AA12 1456E7A5

Infinite Credits
4D717178 1456D41D

Max Creation Stats
4CDFBC42 1456DBA5

4D72AC5C 1456E7A6

Huge Puck
4D72B518 1456E7A6

Big Head Team 1
4D72ADD8 1456E7A6
4D72ADE0 1456E7A6

Big Puck
4D72AF38 1456E7A6

Huge Head P1
4D72B32C 1456E7A6
4D72B338 1456E7A6

Big Head P1
4D72ADAC 1456E7A6
4D72ADB8 1456E7A6

Win Fights For Goals
4D72B1F8 1456E7A6

1st To 7 Wins
4D72B470 1456E7A6

Pinball Boards
4D72AE40 1456E7A6

Domino Effect
4D72B234 1456E7A6

Always Big Hits
4D72B384 1456E7A6

No Crowd
4D72AC30 1456E7A6

No Puck Out of Play
4D72AE98 1456E7A6

Huge Head Team 1
4D72B358 1456E7A6
4D72B360 1456E7A6

Tennis Ball
4D72B1A0 1456E7A6

No Fake Shots
4D72B53C 1456E7A6

No One-Timers
4D72B568 1456E7A6

Show Hot Spot
4D72AD80 1456E7A6

Show Shot Speed
4D72AD54 1456E7A6

Late Hits
4D72AFBC 1456E7A6

Bulldozer Puck
4D72B5C0 1456E7A6

Turbo Boost
4D72B3DC 1456E7A6

Hockey Ball
4D72B174 1456E7A6

Hitz Time
4D72B148 1456E7A6

All Jerseys
7D71717C 1429E7A6
3C978328 1456E7A5

All Stadiums
7D71708C 1450E7A6
3C978328 1456E7A5

All Heads
7D717050 144FE7A6
3C978328 1456E7A5

All Teams
7D7170C4 144AE7A6
3C978328 1456E7A5

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