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007: NightFire – GameShark Codes

The following are known GameShark Codes for 007: NightFire on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2).

  1. Master Code – Must Be On
    94C4BFE8 3CBECAE6
  2. Infinite Health
    E4C53D62 F4F4C29C
    24C12CFA 36F64099
    24DA744A 36F541B8
    24D13FEC B6D74101
  3. Infinite Ammo
    E4C53D62 F6F4C29C
    2490B528 347455D8
    E4C53E22 F674C41C
    0480B369 36B4C32C
  4. Unlock The Exchange
    04101268 1634C158
  5. Unlock Alpine Escape
    04101068 1634C148
  6. Unlock Enemies Vanquished
    04101068 1634C1D8
  7. Unlock Double Cross
    04101368 1634C1C8
  8. Unlock Night Shift
    04101168 1634C158
  9. Unlock Chain Reaction
    04101268 16B4C148
  10. Unlock Phoenix Fire
    04101268 16B4C1D8
  11. Unlock Deep Descent
    04101068 16B4C1C8
  12. Unlock Island Infiltration
    04101368 16B4C158
  13. Unlock Countdown
    04101168 16B4C148
  14. Unlock Equinox
    04101168 16B4C1D8
  15. Unlock All Levels
    44951268 9234C15A
    3942D7E1 9BABB1E0

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