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.hack//Infection Part 1 – GameShark Codes

The following are known GameShark Codes for .hack//Infection Part 1 on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2).

Version 3 GameShark Codes

    Master Code – Must Be On
    F440BE2C F3744C16
  1. Infinite HP In Battle Mode
    24901228 36704168
  2. Infinite Item Usage
    24901568 147451DC
  3. Infinite SP In Battle Mode
    24901228 36704158
  4. Kite: Max Experience
    25409D78 9E34931E
  5. Kite: Max Magical Accuracy
    15C09C7A 1EB4933C
  6. Kite: Max Magical Attack
    15C09C7A 1EB4931C
  7. Kite: Max Magical Defense
    15C09C7B 1EB4931C
  8. Kite: Max Magical Evade
    15C09C7B 1EB4933C
  9. Kite: Max Money
    25D49D78 573DDB3C
  10. Kite: Max Physical Accuracy
    15C09C7A 1EB4932C
  11. Kite: Max Physical Attack
    15C09C7A 1EB4930C
  12. Kite: Max Physical Defense
    15C09C7B 1EB4930C
  13. Kite: Max Physical Evade
    15C09C7B 1EB4932C
  14. Kite: Others – Max Body
    15C09C7B 1EB493BC
  15. Kite: Others – Max Darkness
    15C09C7B 1EB4939C
  16. Kite: Others – Max Earth
    15C09C7A 1EB4938C
  17. Kite: Others – Max Fire
    15C09C7A 1EB493AC
  18. Kite: Others – Max Spirit
    15C09C7A 1EB493BC
  19. Kite: Others – Max Thunder
    15C09C7A 1EB4939C
  20. Kite: Others – Max Water
    15C09C7B 1EB4938C
  21. Kite: Others – Max Wood
    15C09C7B 1EB493AC

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