Action Replay Codes [US]

Okage: Shadow King - Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for Okage: Shadow King on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2). These codes were also known as GameShark Codes and in most cases will work on both devices.

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark (Version 1 & 2)

Master Code – Must Be On
EC878458 14407CFC

Max Cash
1CCB9C94 1D56E7A5

Infinite HP Ari
4CCB9F44 1456E404

Max HP/Lvl Ari
4CCB9F40 1456E404

Infinite HP Rosalyn
4CCB9F94 1456E404

Max HP/Lvl Rosalyn
4CCB9F90 1456E404

Infinite HP Kisling
4CCB9FE4 1456E404

Max HP/Lvl Kisling
4CCB9FE0 1456E404

Infinite HP Big Bull
4CCB9E34 1456E404

Max HP/Lvl Big Bull
4CCB9E30 1456E404

Infinite HP Linda
4CCB9E84 1456E404

Max HP/Lvl Linda
4CCB9E80 1456E404

3CCB9D89 1456E7D7

Big Nuts
3CCB9D86 1456E7D7

Miracle Nuts
3CCB9D87 1456E7D7

Bountiful Nuts
3CCB9D8C 1456E7D7

Wild Strawberries
3CCB9D8D 1456E7D7

Whim Berries
3CCB9D8A 1456E7D7

Energy Flowers
3CCB9D8B 1456E7D7

Energy Bouquet
3CCB9D90 1456E7D7

Clarity Charm
3CCB9D91 1456E7D7

Bunny Charm
3CCB9D8E 1456E7D7

Villains Charm
3CCB9D8F 1456E7D7

Rust Off Charm
3CCB9D94 1456E7D7

Sommelier Charm
3CCB9D95 1456E7D7

Angel Charm
3CCB9D92 1456E7D7

Alarm Charm
3CCB9D93 1456E7D7

Big Boss’s Charm
3CCB9D98 1456E7D7

Writeoff Charm
3CCB9D99 1456E7D7

Mega Charm
3CCB9D96 1456E7D7

Purging Stone
3CCB9D97 1456E7D7

Awakening Stone
3CCB9D9C 1456E7D7

Liberation Stone
3CCB9D9D 1456E7D7

Cheerful Stone
3CCB9D9A 1456E7D7

Mega Stone
3CCB9D9B 1456E7D7

Black Cat Jewel
3CCB9DA0 1456E7D7

White Cat Jewel
3CCB9DA1 1456E7D7

Life Candy
3CCB9D9E 1456E7D7

Heart Candy
3CCB9D9F 1456E7D7

Power Candy
3CCB9DA4 1456E7D7

Defense Candy
3CCB9DA5 1456E7D7

Agility Candy
3CCB9DA2 1456E7D7

Lucky Candy
3CCB9DA3 1456E7D7

Guidance Jewel
3CCB9DA8 1456E7D7

Healing Crystal
3CCB9DA9 1456E7D7

Burned Bottle
3CCB9DB7 1456E7D7

Frozen Bottle
3CCB9DBC 1456E7D7

Glaring Bottle
3CCB9DBD 1456E7D7

Skull Bottle
3CCB9DBA 1456E7D7

Sleeping Bottle
3CCB9DBB 1456E7D7

Ordinary Bottle
3CCB9DC0 1456E7D7

Chained Bottle
3CCB9DC1 1456E7D7

Swift Bottle
3CCB9DBE 1456E7D7

Mega Luck Bottle
3CCB9DBF 1456E7D7

Map Of Evil Kings
3CCB9DCB 1456E7D7

Miniature Statue
3CCB9DD0 1456E7D7

Platinum Ticket
3CCB9DD1 1456E7D7

Gear Tower Key
3CCB9DCE 1456E7D7

Voice Recorder
3CCB9DCF 1456E7D7

Recorder 2
3CCB9DD4 1456E7D7

Ordinary Card
3CCB9DD5 1456E7D7

Official Card
3CCB9DD2 1456E7D7

Gaudy Card
3CCB9DD3 1456E7D7

Mere Pebble
3CCB9DD8 1456E7D7

Bread Crust
3CCB9DD9 1456E7D7

Worn Brush
3CCB9DD6 1456E7D7

Letter Bottle
3CCB9DD7 1456E7D7

Cyphertext 1
3CCB9DDC 1456E7D7

Cyphertext 2
3CCB9DDD 1456E7D7

Cyphertext 3
3CCB9DDA 1456E7D7

Cyphertext 4
3CCB9DDB 1456E7D7

Cyphertext 5
3CCB9DE0 1456E7D7

Cyphertext 6
3CCB9DE1 1456E7D7

Punk Wig
3CCB9DDE 1456E7D7

3CCB9DDF 1456E7D7

Chick Suspenders
3CCB9DE4 1456E7D7

Lustrous Hair
3CCB9DE5 1456E7D7

Gorgeous Mascara
3CCB9DE2 1456E7D7

Cool Vest
3CCB9DE3 1456E7D7

Ground Beef
3CCB9DE8 1456E7D7

Loaf For Pickup
3CCB9DE9 1456E7D7

Fruit Knife
3CCB9DE6 1456E7D7

Swanky Mirror
3CCB9DE7 1456E7D7

Shiny Lens
3CCB9DEC 1456E7D7

Tiny Gear
3CCB9DED 1456E7D7

Silver Gear
3CCB9DEA 1456E7D7

Gold Gear
3CCB9DEB 1456E7D7

Rare Gear
3CCB9DF0 1456E7D7

Old Stone Doll
3CCB9DF1 1456E7D7

Garnet Key
3CCB9DEE 1456E7D7

Emerald Key
3CCB9DEF 1456E7D7

Sapphire Key
3CCB9DF4 1456E7D7

Amethyst Key
3CCB9DF5 1456E7D7

Cow Bone
3CCB9DF2 1456E7D7

Filet Mignon
3CCB9DF3 1456E7D7

Old Music Box
3CCB9DF8 1456E7D7

Eh, It’s OK Card
3CCB9DF9 1456E7D7

Odd Glass Tube
3CCB9DF6 1456E7D7

Spiral Wire
3CCB9DF7 1456E7D7

Bell Tube
3CCB9DFC 1456E7D7

Manual Handle
3CCB9DFD 1456E7D7

Long Screw
3CCB9DFA 1456E7D7

Dial W/One Hand
3CCB9DFB 1456E7D7

Pedestal Of Stone
3CCB9D00 1456E7D7

3CCB9D01 1456E7D7

Broken Gun
3CCB9DFE 1456E7D7

Friendship Bond
3CCB9DFF 1456E7D7

Picked Up Branch
3CCB9D07 1456E7D7

Leftover Sword
3CCB9D0C 1456E7D7

Ordinary Sword
3CCB9D0D 1456E7D7

Nameless Sword
3CCB9D0A 1456E7D7

Omnislice Sword
3CCB9D0B 1456E7D7

Brand Sword
3CCB9D10 1456E7D7

Rustic Sword
3CCB9D11 1456E7D7

Mastermold Sword
3CCB9D0E 1456E7D7

Forgotten Sword
3CCB9D0F 1456E7D7

Sword Of Gear
3CCB9D14 1456E7D7

Ordinary Rapier
3CCB9D13 1456E7D7

Hardy Rapier
3CCB9D18 1456E7D7

Slim Rapier
3CCB9D19 1456E7D7

Sparkling Rapier
3CCB9D16 1456E7D7

WhiteRose Rapier
3CCB9D17 1456E7D7

Gallant Rapier
3CCB9D1C 1456E7D7

Ghost Basics
3CCB9D1B 1456E7D7

Ghost Pictorial
3CCB9D20 1456E7D7

3CCB9D21 1456E7D7

Worldly Ghost
3CCB9D1E 1456E7D7

Ghostosystem II
3CCB9D1F 1456E7D7

3CCB9D24 1456E7D7

Battle Manual
3CCB9D23 1456E7D7

Mike O’ Hope
3CCB9C27 1456E7D7

Mike O’ Happiness
3CCB9C2C 1456E7D7

Love Mike
3CCB9C2D 1456E7D7

J Of Diamonds
3CCB9C31 1456E7D7

Q Of Hearts
3CCB9C2E 1456E7D7

K Of Clubs
3CCB9C2F 1456E7D7

A Of Spades
3CCB9C34 1456E7D7

Ordinary Outfit
3CCB9C32 1456E7D7

Clean Outfit
3CCB9C33 1456E7D7

Fancy Outfit
3CCB9C38 1456E7D7

Durable Outfit
3CCB9C39 1456E7D7

Custom-Made Wear
3CCB9C36 1456E7D7

Latest Outfit
3CCB9C37 1456E7D7

Natural Outfit
3CCB9C3C 1456E7D7

Reunion Outfit
3CCB9C3D 1456E7D7

Swordsman Armor
3CCB9C40 1456E7D7

Chief’s Armor
3CCB9C41 1456E7D7

Magical Armor
3CCB9C3E 1456E7D7

Honorable Armor
3CCB9C3F 1456E7D7

Hero’s Armor
3CCB9C44 1456E7D7

Wornout Coat
3CCB9C48 1456E7D7

Starchy Coat
3CCB9C49 1456E7D7

Battlefront Coat
3CCB9C46 1456E7D7

Stately Coat
3CCB9C47 1456E7D7

Basics Only Coat
3CCB9C4C 1456E7D7

Infantry Pants
3CCB9C50 1456E7D7

Blood&Sweat Pants
3CCB9C51 1456E7D7

Inferno Pants
3CCB9C4E 1456E7D7

Stage Dress
3CCB9C52 1456E7D7

Treasured Dress
3CCB9C53 1456E7D7

Celeb Dress
3CCB9C58 1456E7D7

Dazzling Tux
3CCB9C5C 1456E7D7

Conjurer Tux
3CCB9C5D 1456E7D7

Mongoose Whisker
3CCB9C65 1456E7D7

Pharaoh’s Hair
3CCB9C62 1456E7D7

Rooster Feathers
3CCB9C63 1456E7D7

Sun Medal
3CCB9C68 1456E7D7

Weed Resistance
3CCB9C69 1456E7D7

Touch Of Earth
3CCB9C66 1456E7D7

Flake Of Snow
3CCB9C67 1456E7D7

Full Moon Medal
3CCB9C6C 1456E7D7

Guardian Crystal
3CCB9C6D 1456E7D7

Unicorn’s Horn
3CCB9C6A 1456E7D7

Wildcat’s Fang
3CCB9C6B 1456E7D7

Panther’s Fang
3CCB9C70 1456E7D7

Cerebus’ Fang
3CCB9C71 1456E7D7

1st Fight Charm
3CCB9C6E 1456E7D7

Defense Necklace
3CCB9C6F 1456E7D7

Iron Necklace
3CCB9C74 1456E7D7

Bandit’s Shoes
3CCB9C75 1456E7D7

Pegasus’ Shoes
3CCB9C72 1456E7D7

Divine Shoes
3CCB9C73 1456E7D7

3CCB9C78 1456E7D7

3CCB9C79 1456E7D7

Legendary Leaf
3CCB9C76 1456E7D7

Heatwave Ring
3CCB9C77 1456E7D7

Mirage Ring
3CCB9C7C 1456E7D7

Daymare Ring
3CCB9C7D 1456E7D7

Aves Amulet
3CCB9C7A 1456E7D7

Crow’s Amulet
3CCB9C7B 1456E7D7

Owl’s Amulet
3CCB9C80 1456E7D7

Hand Knit Cap
3CCB9C81 1456E7D7

1st Star Badge
3CCB9C7E 1456E7D7

3CCB9C7F 1456E7D7

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