Action Replay Codes [US]

Ridge Racer V - Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for Ridge Racer V on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2). These codes were also known as GameShark Codes and in most cases will work on both devices.

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark (Version 1 & 2)

Master Code – Must Be On
ECC010F0 1456E60A

Infinite Retries
3D755268 1456E7A8

Zero Time-Lap 1
1D4B828C 1456E7A5

Max Distance
1D7552A8 17E9C70C

Zero Time-Lap 2
1D4B8290 1456E7A5

Zero Time-Lap 3
1D4B8294 1456E7A5

Enable Extra GPs
4D7552A2 1456E69C

Extra Race Modes
3D7552C9 1456E7A6
3D7552CD 1456E7A6
4D7552CA 1456E9A6

1 Victory Frontal
3D7552AA 1456E7A6

1 Victory Bravery
3D7552AB 1456E7A6

1 Victory Gale
3D7552B0 1456E7A6

1 Victory Baron
3D7552B1 1456E7A6

1 Victory Monarch
3D7552AE 1456E7A6

Perfect Rank Frontal
3D7552B2 1456E7A6

Perfect Rank Bravery
3D7552B3 1456E7A6

Perfect Rank Gale
3D7552B8 1456E7A6

Perfect Rank Baron
3D7552B9 1456E7A6

Perfect Rank Monarch
3D7552B6 1456E7A6

All Trophies
1D757450 1355E6A6
1D757454 1355E6A6

Frontal Trophy
3D757450 1456E7A6

Bravery Trophy
3D757451 1456E7A6

Gale Trophy
3D75744E 1456E7A6

Baron Trophy
3D75744F 1456E7A6

Monarch Trophy
3D757454 1456E7A6

? Trophy
3D757455 1456E7A6

99 Trial Trophy
3D757452 1456E7A6

Pac-Man Trophy
3D757453 1456E7A6

All Medals
1D757458 1355E6A6
1D75745C 1355E6A6

Bull Medal
3D757458 1456E7A6

Horse Medal
3D757459 1456E7A6

Lion Medal
3D757456 1456E7A6

Pluto Medal
3D757457 1456E7A6

Devil Medal
3D75745C 1456E7A6

Spirit Medal
3D75745D 1456E7A6

Angel Medal
3D75745A 1456E7A6

Battle Royal Medal
3D75745B 1456E7A6

Enable Fiaro
4D7552F0 1456E5A7

Enable Toreador
4D7552EE 1456E5A7

Enable Toreador Ex
4D7552F4 1456E5A7

Enable Solare and Ex
4D7552F2 1456E5A7

Enable Fortune
4D7552F8 1456E5A7

Enable Fortune Ex
4D7552F6 1456E5A7

Enable Mercurio and Ex
4D7552FC 1456E5A7

Enable E.O.
4D7552FA 1456E5A7

Enable E.O. Ex
4D755200 1456E5A7

Spectra and Crinale
4D7552FE 1456E5A7

Rumeur and Angelus
4D755204 1456E5A7

Pac-Man and Blinky
4D755202 1456E5A7

Inky and Pinky
4D755208 1456E5A7

Unlock Clyde
4D755206 1456E5A7

All Cars
1D7552F0 1654E5A7
1D7552F4 1654E5A7
1D7552F8 1654E5A7
1D7552FC 1654E5A7
1D755200 1654E5A7
1D755204 1654E5A7
1D755208 1654E5A7

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