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Smuggler’s Run – GameShark Codes

The following are known GameShark Codes for Smuggler’s Run on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2).

  1. Master Code – Must Be On
  2. All Missions Unlocked (1 of 2)
    4CBF2E58 1456B00C
    4CBF2E68 1456B00C
    4CBF2E78 1456B00C
    4CBF2E88 1456B00C
    4CBF2E98 1456B00C
    4CBF2EA8 1456B00C
    4CBF2EB8 1456B00C
    4CBF2EC8 1456B00C
    4CBF2ED8 1456B00C
    4CBF2EE8 1456B00C
    4CBF2EF8 1456B00C
    4CBF2E08 1456B00C
  3. All Missions Unlocked (2 of 2)
    4CBF2E18 1456B00C
    4CBF3128 1456B00C
    4CBF3138 1456B00C
    4CBF3148 1456B00C
    4CBF3158 1456B00C
    4CBF3168 1456B00C
    4CBF3178 1456B00C
    4CBF3188 1456B00C
    4CBF3198 1456B00C
    4CBF31A8 1456B00C
    4CBF31B8 1456B00C
    4CBF31C8 1456B00C
    4CBF31D8 1456B00C
    4CBF31E8 1456B00C
    4CBF31F8 1456B00C
    4CBF3108 1456B00C
    4CBF3118 1456B00C
    4CBF3028 1456B00C
    4CBF3038 1456B00C
    4CBF3048 1456B00C
    4CBF3058 1456B00C
    4CBF3068 1456B00C

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