Action Replay Codes [US]

Spider-Man: The Movie - Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for Spider-Man: The Movie on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2). These codes were also known as GameShark Codes and in most cases will work on both devices.

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark (Version 1 & 2)

Master Code – Must Be On
0E3C7DF2 1853E59E

Infinite Health
DE4E5216 BCA99B84

Have Dual Fists Combo
D10A423E BCA99B84

Have Field Goal Combo
D10A423A BCA99B84

Have Gravity Slam Combo
D10A42C6 BCA99B84

Have Web Hit Combo
D10A42C2 BCA99B84

Have Backflip Kick Combo
D10A42CE BCA99B84

Have Sting Combo
D10A42CA BCA99B84

Have Palm Combo
D10A42D6 BCA99B84

Have High Web Hit Combo
D10A42D2 BCA99B84

Have Dive-Bomb Combo
D10A42DE BCA99B84

Have Head Hammer Combo
D10A42DA BCA99B84

Have Dive Kick Combo
D10A42E6 BCA99B84

Have Uppercut Combo
D10A42EA BCA99B84

Have Flip Mule Combo
D10A42F6 BCA99B84

Have Low Web Hit Combo
D10A42F2 BCA99B84

Have Elbow Slam Combo
D10A41FE BCA99B84

Have Scissor Kick Combo
D10A41FA BCA99B84

Have High Stomp Combo
D10A4186 BCA99B84

Have Tackle Combo
D10A418E BCA99B84

Have Handspring Combo
D10A418A BCA99B84

Have Haymaker Combo
D10A4196 BCA99B84

Have Web Gloves
D10A41A2 BCA99B84

Have Adv Web Gloves
D10A41AE BCA99B84

Have Web Dome
D10A419A BCA99B84

Have Adv Web Dome
D10A41A6 BCA99B84

Have Impact Web
D10A41AA BCA99B84

Have Adv Impact Web
D10A41B6 BCA99B84

Enable Next Level Option
C10A472A BCA99B84

Infinite Webbing
C10A4722 BCA99B84

Bighead Others Mode
C10A473E BCA99B84

Matrix Fight Mode
C10A4732 BCA99B84

Enable All Combat Controls
C10A472E BCA99B84

Mini Spider-Man
C10A473A BCA99B84

Bighead Bigfeet Spider-Man
C10A47C6 BCA99B84

1st Person Mode
C10A47C2 BCA99B84

Play As Peter Parker
C10A4776 BCA99B84

Play As Wrestler Spidey
C10A4772 BCA99B84

Play As Evil Spidey
C10A477E BCA99B84

Play As Green Goblin
C10A477A BCA99B84

Play As Mary Jane
C10A4706 BCA99B84

Play As Shocker
C10A4702 BCA99B84

Play As Scientist
C10A470E BCA99B84

Play As Thug 1
C10A470A BCA99B84

Play As Thug 2
C10A4716 BCA99B84

Play As Thug 3
C10A4712 BCA99B84

Play As Helicopter Pilot
C10A471E BCA99B84

Play As Matrix Spidey
C10A471A BCA99B84

Play As Police Officer
C10A4726 BCA99B84

Unlock All Art/Most Movies
C10A4736 BCA99B84

Unlock Vulture Movie
C10A476E BCA99B84

Unlock Shocker Movie
C10A476A BCA99B84

Unlock Secret Store Costumes
C10A4252 BCA99B9C

Max Level Completion
C10A41D0 BCA9C292

Max Perfect
C10A41D2 BCA9C292

Max Combat
C10A41DC BCA9C292

Max Secret(s) Found
C10A41DE BCA9C292

Max Style
C10A41D8 BCA9C292

Max Level Completion
C10A41DA BCA9C292

Max Stealth
C10A41E4 BCA9C292

Max Secret(s) Found
C10A41E6 BCA9C292

Max Style
C10A41E0 BCA9C292

Max Level Completion
C10A41E2 BCA9C292

Max Time
C10A41EC BCA9C292

Max Secret(s) Found
C10A41EE BCA9C292

Max Style
C10A41E8 BCA9C292

Max Level Completion
C10A41EA BCA9C292

Max Perfect
C10A41F4 BCA9C292

Max Defeated HKs
C10A41F6 BCA9C292

Max Style
C10A41F0 BCA9C292

Max Level Completion
C10A41F2 BCA9C292

Max Time
C10A41FC BCA9C292

Max Perfect
C10A40FE BCA9C292

Max Style
C10A40F8 BCA9C292

Max Level Completion
C10A40FA BCA9C292

Max Time
C10A4084 BCA9C292

Max Secret(s) Found
C10A4086 BCA9C292

Max Combat
C10A4080 BCA9C292

Max Style
C10A4082 BCA9C292

Max Level Completion
C10A408C BCA9C292

Max Time
C10A408E BCA9C292

Max Perfect
C10A4088 BCA9C292

Max Secret(s) Found
C10A408A BCA9C292

Max Style
C10A4094 BCA9C292

Max Level Completion
C10A4096 BCA9C292

Max Time
C10A4090 BCA9C292

Max Perfect
C10A4092 BCA9C292

Max Level Completion
C10A409E BCA9C292

Max Time
C10A4098 BCA9C292

Max Perfect
C10A409A BCA9C292

Max Vulture Proximity
C10A4024 BCA9C292

Max Level Completion
C10A40A0 BCA9C292

Max Time
C10A40A2 BCA9C292

Max Perfect
C10A40AC BCA9C292

Max Style
C10A40AE BCA9C292

Max Level Completion
C10A40A8 BCA9C292

Max Secret(s) Found
C10A4010 BCA9C292

Max Protected Scorpion
C10A4012 BCA9C292

Max Style
C10A401C BCA9C292

Max Level Completion
C10A40AA BCA9C292

Max No Pickups Used
C10A4018 BCA9C292

Max Style
C10A4016 BCA9C292

Max Level Completion
C10A40B4 BCA9C292

Max Time
C10A40B6 BCA9C292

Max Perfect
C10A40B0 BCA9C292

Max Style
C10A40B2 BCA9C292

Max Level Completion
C10A40BC BCA9C292

Max Time
C10A40BE BCA9C292

Max Perfect
C10A40B8 BCA9C292

Max Ride Goblin
C10A4026 BCA9C292

Max Style
C10A40BA BCA9C292

Max Level Completion
C10A4044 BCA9C292

Max Time
C10A4046 BCA9C292

Max Perfect
C10A4040 BCA9C292

Max Level Completion
C10A4052 BCA9C292

Max R-bats Destroyed
C10A405C BCA9C292

Max Remaining Health
C10A405E BCA9C292

Max Pickups Used
C10A4058 BCA9C292

Max Style
C10A405A BCA9C292

Max Level Completion
C10A4064 BCA9C292

Max Time
C10A4066 BCA9C292

Max Perfect
C10A4060 BCA9C292

Max Secret(s) Found
C10A4062 BCA9C292

Max Stealth Bonus
C10A406C BCA9C292

Max Level Completion
C10A4068 BCA9C292

Max Time
C10A406A BCA9C292

Max Perfect
C10A4074 BCA9C292

Max Level Completion
C10A4070 BCA9C292

Max Time
C10A4072 BCA9C292

Max Perfect
C10A407C BCA9C292

Max Style
C10A407E BCA9C292

Max Level Completion
C10A4078 BCA9C292

Max Perfect
C10A407A BCA9C292

Max Supersoldiers Killed
C10A4004 BCA9C292

Max Style
C10A4006 BCA9C292

Max Level Completion
C10A4000 BCA9C292

Max Perfect
C10A4002 BCA9C292

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