Action Replay Codes [US]

SSX Tricky - Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for SSX Tricky on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2). These codes were also known as GameShark Codes and in most cases will work on both devices.

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark (Version 1 & 2)

Master Code – Must Be On
EC8FA3FC 14303924

Unlock Tracks
1CA534C0 61DFB00C

Unlock Riders
1CA534C4 61DFB00C

Eddie Master Status
1CA537BC 1456E70C

Eddie Max Stats
1CA537C8 2325F5D6

Eddie All Tricks
1CA537D4 21DFB00C

Eddie All Golds
1CA537DC 1355E7A5
1CA537E0 1355E7A5
1CA537E4 1355E7A5
1CA537E8 1355E7A5
1CA537EC 1355E7A5
1CA537F0 1355E7A5
1CA537F4 1355E7A5
1CA537F8 1355E7A5
1CA537FC 1355E7A5
1CA53708 1355E7A5

Eddie All Boards
1CA53710 1456B00C

Eddie All Outfits
1CA53714 1456E70C

Kaori Master Status
1CA53980 1456E70C

Kaori Max Stats
1CA5398C 2325F5D6

Kaori All Tricks
1CA53998 21DFB00C

Kaori All Golds
1CA539A0 1355E7A5
1CA539A4 1355E7A5
1CA539A8 1355E7A5
1CA539AC 1355E7A5
1CA539B0 1355E7A5
1CA539B4 1355E7A5
1CA539B8 1355E7A5
1CA539BC 1355E7A5
1CA539C0 1355E7A5
1CA539CC 1355E7A5

Kaori All Boards
1CA539D4 1456B00C

Kaori All Outfits
1CA539D8 1456E70C

Luther Master Status
1CA53B44 1456E70C

Luther Max Stats
1CA53B50 2324F6D6

Luther All Tricks
1CA53B5C 21DFB00C

Luther All Golds
1CA53B64 1355E7A5
1CA53B68 1355E7A5
1CA53B6C 1355E7A5
1CA53B70 1355E7A5
1CA53B74 1355E7A5
1CA53B78 1355E7A5
1CA53B7C 1355E7A5
1CA53B80 1355E7A5
1CA53B84 1355E7A5
1CA53B90 1355E7A5

Luther All Boards
1CA53B98 1456B00C

Luther All Outfits
1CA53B9C 1456E70C

Mac Master Status
1CA53A08 1456E70C

Mac Max Stats
1CA53A14 2325F5D6

Mac All Tricks
1CA53A20 21DFB00C

Mac All Golds
1CA53D28 1355E7A5
1CA53D2C 1355E7A5
1CA53D30 1355E7A5
1CA53D34 1355E7A5
1CA53D38 1355E7A5
1CA53D3C 1355E7A5
1CA53D40 1355E7A5
1CA53D44 1355E7A5
1CA53D48 1355E7A5
1CA53D54 1355E7A5

Mac All Boards
1CA53D5C 1456B00C

Mac All Outfits
1CA53D60 1456E70C

Moby Master Status
1CA53CCC 1456E70C

Moby Max Stats
1CA53CD8 2324F6D6

Moby All Tricks
1CA53CE4 21DFB00C

Moby All Golds
1CA53CEC 1355E7A5
1CA53CF0 1355E7A5
1CA53CF4 1355E7A5
1CA53CF8 1355E7A5
1CA53CFC 1355E7A5
1CA53C00 1355E7A5
1CA53C04 1355E7A5
1CA53C08 1355E7A5
1CA53C0C 1355E7A5
1CA53C18 1355E7A5

Moby All Boards
1CA53C20 1456B00C

Moby All Outfits
1CA53C24 1456E70C

Zoe Master Status
1CA53E90 1456E70C

Zoe Max Stats
1CA53E9C 2324F6D6

Zoe All Tricks
1CA53EA8 21DFB00C

Zoe All Golds
1CA53EB0 1355E7A5
1CA53EB4 1355E7A5
1CA53EB8 1355E7A5
1CA53EBC 1355E7A5
1CA53EC0 1355E7A5
1CA53EC4 1355E7A5
1CA53EC8 1355E7A5
1CA53ECC 1355E7A5
1CA53ED0 1355E7A5
1CA53EDC 1355E7A5

Zoe All Boards
1CA53EE4 1456B00C

Zoe All Outfits
1CA53EE8 1456E70C

JP Master Status
1CA54054 1456E70C

JP Max Stats
1CA54060 2325F5D6

JP All Tricks
1CA5406C 21DFB00C

JP All Golds
1CA54074 1355E7A5
1CA54078 1355E7A5
1CA5407C 1355E7A5
1CA54080 1355E7A5
1CA54084 1355E7A5
1CA54088 1355E7A5
1CA5408C 1355E7A5
1CA54090 1355E7A5
1CA54094 1355E7A5
1CA540A0 1355E7A5

JP All Boards
1CA540A8 1456B00C

JP All Outfits
1CA540AC 1456E70C

Elise Master Status
1CA54318 1456E70C

Elise Max Stats
1CA54324 2324F6D6

Elise All Tricks
1CA54230 21DFB00C

Elise All Golds
1CA54238 1355E7A5
1CA5423C 1355E7A5
1CA54240 1355E7A5
1CA54244 1355E7A5
1CA54248 1355E7A5
1CA5424C 1355E7A5
1CA54250 1355E7A5
1CA54254 1355E7A5
1CA54258 1355E7A5
1CA54264 1355E7A5

Elise All Boards
1CA5426C 1456B00C

Elise All Outfits
1CA54270 1456E70C

Psymon Master Status
1CA545DC 1456E70C

Psymon Max Stats
1CA545E8 2324F6D6

Psymon All Tricks
1CA545F4 21DFB00C

Psymon All Golds
1CA545FC 1355E7A5
1CA54500 1355E7A5
1CA54504 1355E7A5
1CA54508 1355E7A5
1CA5450C 1355E7A5
1CA54510 1355E7A5
1CA54514 1355E7A5
1CA54518 1355E7A5
1CA5451C 1355E7A5
1CA54528 1355E7A5

Psymon All Boards
1CA54430 1456B00C

Psymon All Outfits
1CA54434 1456E70C

See Master Status
1CA547A0 1456E70C

See Max Stats
1CA547AC 2325F5D6

See All Tricks
1CA547B8 21DFB00C

See All Golds
1CA547C0 1355E7A5
1CA547C4 1355E7A5
1CA547C8 1355E7A5
1CA547CC 1355E7A5
1CA547D0 1355E7A5
1CA547D4 1355E7A5
1CA547D8 1355E7A5
1CA547DC 1355E7A5
1CA547E0 1355E7A5
1CA547EC 1355E7A5

See All Boards
1CA547F4 1456B00C

See All Outfits
1CA547F8 1456E70C

Brodi Master Status
1CA54964 1456E70C

Brodi Max Stats
1CA54970 2324F6D6

Brodi All Tricks
1CA5497C 21DFB00C

Brodi All Golds
1CA54984 1355E7A5
1CA54988 1355E7A5
1CA5498C 1355E7A5
1CA54990 1355E7A5
1CA54994 1355E7A5
1CA54998 1355E7A5
1CA5499C 1355E7A5
1CA549A0 1355E7A5
1CA549A4 1355E7A5
1CA549B0 1355E7A5

Brodi All Boards
1CA549B8 1456B00C

Brodi All Outfits
1CA549BC 1456E70C

Mari Master Status
1CA54B28 1456E70C

Mari Max Stats
1CA54B34 2324F6D6

Mari All Tricks
1CA54B40 21DFB00C

Mari All Gold
1CA54B48 1355E7A5
1CA54B4C 1355E7A5
1CA54B50 1355E7A5
1CA54B54 1355E7A5
1CA54B58 1355E7A5
1CA54B5C 1355E7A5
1CA54B60 1355E7A5
1CA54B64 1355E7A5
1CA54B68 1355E7A5
1CA54B74 1355E7A5

Mari All Boards
1CA54B7C 1456B00C

Mari All Outfits
1CA54B80 1456E70C

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