Action Replay Codes [US]

SSX - Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for SSX on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2). These codes were also known as GameShark Codes and in most cases will work on both devices.

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark (Version 1 & 2)

Master Code – Must Be On
EC8F2A64 1456E60A

Infinite Time
1C219F7C D6BD4A3E

Monster Score
1C2CD618 17E9C70C

All Boarders
3CB226C8 1456E70C

All Boards Mac
4CB22A34 1456B00C

All Boards Moby
4CB22AF8 1456B00C

All Boards Elise
4CB22F44 1456B00C

All Boards Kaori
4CB228AC 1456B00C

All Boards Jurgen
4CB22B70 1456B00C

All Boards JP
4CB22C80 1456B00C

All Boards Zoe
4CB22DBC 1456B00C

All Boards Hiro
4CB229E8 1456B00C

All Outfits Mac
4CB22A38 1456B00C

All Outfits Moby
4CB22AFC 1456B00C

All Outfits Elise
4CB22F48 1456B00C

All Outfits Kaori
4CB228B0 1456B00C

All Outfits Jurgen
4CB22B74 1456B00C

All Outfits JP
4CB22C84 1456B00C

All Outfits Zoe
4CB22DC0 1456B00C

All Outfits Hiro
4CB229EC 1456B00C

All Tricks Mac
1CB22BF4 61DFB00C
1CB22BF8 61DFB00C

All Tricks Moby
1CB22AC0 61DFB00C

All Tricks Elise
1CB22C0C 61DFB00C
1CB22C0C 61DFB00C

All Tricks Kaori
1CB2286C 61DFB00C
1CB22870 61DFB00C

All Tricks Jurgen
1CB22B38 61DFB00C
1CB22B3C 61DFB00C

All Tricks JP
1CB22C48 61DFB00C
1CB22C4C 61DFB00C

All Tricks Zoe
1CB22D84 61DFB00C
1CB22D88 61DFB00C

All Tricks Hiro
1CB229B0 61DFB00C
1CB229B4 61DFB00C

Master Status Mac
3CB22BDC 1456E70C

Master Status Moby
3CB22AA0 1456E70C

Master Status Elsie
3CB22CEC 1456E70C

Master Status Kaori
3CB22854 1456E70C

Master Status Jurgen
3CB22818 1456E70C

Master Status JP
3CB22C28 1456E70C

Master Status Zoe
3CB22D64 1456E70C

Master Status Hiro
3CB22990 1456E70C

Max Stats Mac
1CB22BE8 023CDAB1

Max Stats Moby
1CB22AAC 0048D8B1

Max Stats Elise
1CB22CF8 0943CCAB

Max Stats Kaori
1CB22860 0243D8B3

Max Stats Jurgen
1CB22824 1140CEB3

Max Stats JP
1CB22C34 0047D9B4

Max Stats Zoe

Max Stats Hiro
1CB2299C 0643D1B0

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