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Summoner – GameShark Codes

The following are known GameShark Codes for Summoner on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2).

  1. Master Code – Must Be On
    ECB8C7E8 1456E60A
  2. Max Dark
    3CAD7FED 1456E781
  3. Max Holy
    3CAD7FEB 1456E781
  4. Max Magic Resist
    3CAD7FEF 1456E781
  5. Max Fire
    3CAD7FF0 1456E781
  6. Infinite Level Up Points
    4C262AA4 1456E788
  7. Max / Infinite HP
    4CAD7FB2 14562A45
    4CAD7FAE 14562A45
  8. Max / Infinite AP
    4CAD7FB6 1456089C
    4CAD7FB8 1456089C
  9. Max Sword Weapons
    3CAD7FCF 1456E781
  10. Max Axe Weapons
    3CAD7FD4 1456E781
  11. Max Blunt Weapons
    3CAD7FD5 1456E781
  12. Max Staff Weapons
    3CAD7FD2 1456E781
  13. Max Bow Weapons
    3CAD7FD3 1456E781
  14. Max Heavy Arms
    3CAD7FD8 1456E781
  15. Max Parry
    3CAD7FD9 1456E781
  16. Max Counter Attack
    3CAD7FD6 1456E781
  17. Max Dodge
    3CAD7FD7 1456E781
  18. Max Double Attack
    3CAD7FDD 1456E781
  19. Max Push
    3CAD7FDA 1456E781
  20. Max Heal
    3CAD7FEC 1456E781

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