Action Replay Codes [US]

Top Gear: Dare Devil - Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for Top Gear: Dare Devil on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2). These codes were also known as GameShark Codes and in most cases will work on both devices.

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark (Version 1 & 2)

Master Code – Must Be On
EC878200 1456E79B

Infinite Time
4DE8A25E 145625CC

Infinite Continues
1DE8A2AC 1456E788

Have massive score
1DE8A28C 17E9C70C

London Available
4C8907B0 1456E7A6

Tokyo Available
4C8907C4 1456E7A6

San Francisco Avail
4C8907D8 1456E7A6

Wrenches Rome
4C891830 1456E6A6
4C89182E 1456E6A6

Wrenches London
4C89183C 1456E6A6
4C89183A 1456E6A6
4C891840 1456E6A6

Wrenches Tokyo
4C891846 1456E6A6
4C89184C 1456E6A6
4C89184A 1456E6A6
4C891850 1456E6A6

Wrenches S.Francisco
4C891852 1456E6A6
4C891858 1456E6A6
4C891856 1456E6A6
4C89185C 1456E6A6
4C89185A 1456E6A6
4C891860 1456E6A6
4C89185E 1456E6A6

All Keys Rome
4C8919FC 1456E6A6
4C8919FA 1456E6A6

All Keys London
4C891908 1456E6A6
4C891906 1456E6A6
4C89190C 1456E6A6

All Keys Tokyo
4C891912 1456E6A6
4C891918 1456E6A6
4C891916 1456E6A6
4C89191C 1456E6A6

All Keys S.Francisco
4C89191E 1456E6A6
4C891924 1456E6A6
4C891922 1456E6A6
4C891828 1456E6A6
4C891826 1456E6A6
4C89182C 1456E6A6
4C89182A 1456E6A6

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