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Twisted Metal: Black – GameShark Codes

The following are known GameShark Codes for Twisted Metal: Black on Sony Playstation 2 (PS2).

  1. Master Code – Must Be On
    EC84685C 1456E60A
  2. Infinite Ammo
    1C8E2378 15F6E79D
    1C8E237C 1456E7A5
  3. Extra Health on Most Levels
    4CB4006A 14562BA5
  4. Gun Never Overheats
    1CDA2C68 1456E7A5
  5. Rapid Machine Guns
    4CDA2C6C 1456E7A5
  6. Rapid Fire Missiles
    4CDA2C70 1456E7A5
  7. Rapid Homing Missiles
    4CDA2C74 1456E7A5
  8. Rapid Pow Missiles
    4CDA2C78 1456E7A5
  9. Rapid Gas Cans
    4CDA2CA4 1456E7A5
  10. Rapid Rico
    4CDA2CA8 1456E7A5
  11. Access Yellow Jacket
    1CD5E198 1456E7A5
  12. Access Axel
    1CD5E19C 1456E7A5
  13. Access WartHog
    1CD5E1A0 1456E7A5
  14. Access Man Slaughter
    1CD5E1A4 1456E7A5
  15. Access Minion
    1CD5E1AC 1456E7A5
  16. Most Enemies Do Not Fight
    1C87CB40 15F6E79D
    1C87CB44 1456E7A5
    1C87D28C 1456E7A5
    1C87AA64 1456E7A5
    1C87AA68 1456E7A5
  17. Stupid AI
    1C87CB40 15F6E79D
    1C87CB44 1456E7A5
  18. Access the Freeway Massive Level
    4CD5E1BC 1456E7A5
  19. Access the Prison Pass Massive Level
    4CD5E1C0 1456E7A5
  20. Access the Skyscrapers Large Level
    4CD5E1C4 1456E7A5
  21. Access the Minion Stadium Small Level
    4CD5E1EC 1456E7A5
  22. Access the Billy Ray Middle Movie
    4CD5E040 1456E7A5
  23. Access the Billy Ray Epilogue Movie
    4CD5E078 1456E7A5
  24. Access the Preacher Middle Movie
    4CD5E044 1456E7A5
  25. Access the Preacher Epilogue Movie
    4CD5E07C 1456E7A5
  26. Access the Agent Stone Middle Movie
    4CD5E048 1456E7A5
  27. Access the Agent Stone Epilogue Movie
    4CD5E080 1456E7A5
  28. Access the Mr. Grim Middle Movie
    4CD5E04C 1456E7A5
  29. Access the Mr. Grim Epilogue Movie
    4CD5E084 1456E7A5
  30. Access the John Doe Middle Movie
    4CD5E050 1456E7A5
  31. Access the John Doe Epilogue Movie
    4CD5E088 1456E7A5
  32. Access the No Face Middle Movie
    4CD5E054 1456E7A5
  33. Access the No Face Epilogue Movie
    4CD5E08C 1456E7A5
  34. Access the Bloody Mary Middle Movie
    4CD5E058 1456E7A5
  35. Access the Bloody Mary Epilogue Movie
    4CD5E090 1456E7A5
  36. Access the Dollface Middle Movie
    4CD5E05C 1456E7A5
  37. Access the Dollface Epilogue Movie
    4CD5E094 1456E7A5
  38. Access the Raven Middle Movie
    4CD5E060 1456E7A5
  39. Access the Raven Epilogue Movie
    4CD5E098 1456E7A5
  40. Access the Mr. Kane & Son Prologue Movie
    4CD5E02C 1456E7A5
  41. Access the Mr. Kane & Son Epilogue Movie
    4CD5E09C 1456E7A5
  42. Access the Axel Epilogue Movie
    4CD5E0A0 1456E7A5
  43. Access the Cage Epilogue Movie
    4CD5E0A4 1456E7A5
  44. Access the Black Epilogue Movie
    4CD5E0A8 1456E7A5
  45. Access the SweetTooth Middle Movie
    4CD5E074 1456E7A5
  46. Access the SweetTooth Epilogue Movie
    4CD5E0AC 1456E7A5

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