CWCheat Codes [AS]

Crimson Gem Saga - CWCheat Codes [AS]

The following are known CWCheat Codes for Crimson Gem Saga on Sony Playstation Portable (PSP).
_S UCAS-40212
_G Crimsongem Saga [AS]
_C0 Alarm Clock
_L 0x00433164 0x0000063
_C0 Angels Arrow
_L 0x00433168 0x0000063
_C0 Biscuit
_L 0x00433158 0x0000063
_C0 Emergency Potion
_L 0x00433162 0x0000063
_C0 Have All Items
_L 0x80433158 0x00650001
_L 00x0000005 0x00000000
_C0 Healing Potion (Major)
_L 0x0043315B 0x0000063
_C0 Healing Potion (Medium)
_L 0x0043315A 0x0000063
_C0 Healing Potion (Minor)
_L 0x00433159 0x0000063
_C0 Healing Potion (Ultimate)
_L 0x0043315C 0x0000063
_C0 Mana Potion (Major)
_L 0x0043315F 0x0000063
_C0 Mana Potion (Medium)
_L 0x0043315E 0x0000063
_C0 Mana Potion (Minor)
_L 0x0043315D 0x0000063
_C0 Mana Potion (Ultimate)
_L 0x00433160 0x0000063
_C0 Max Gelder
_L 0x20443658 0x0098967F
_C0 Max HP Krillian
_L 0x10430638 0x0000270F
_L 0x10450BA4 0x0000270F
_L 0x10430BB4 0x0000270F
_C0 Max MP Krillian
_L 0x1043063C 0x000003E7
_L 0x10430BB8 0x000003E7
_L 0x10450294 0x000003E7
_C0 Max Sp
_L 0x2044365C 0x00007530
_L 0x20443658 0x0098967F
_C0 Max SP
_L 0x2044365C 0x00007530
_C0 Pill of Clear Mind
_L 0x00433165 0x0000063
_C0 Remedy
_L 0x00433163 0x0000063
_C0 The Almighty Vaccine
_L 0x00433166 0x0000063
_C0 Ultra Potion
_L 0x00433161 0x0000063
_C0 Water of miracle
_L 0x00433167 0x0000063
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